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Multistone Rings

Get a Bigger Bling for Your Bucks with Multistone Ring Designs

From the additional discount we get on products to a large spread of food in the buffet, we all feel better when we get more. But is more always better? Well, in the world of jewellery more is not only better but prettier too. Take a look at BlueStone’s multistone ring designs and you will know what we mean. A bunch of precious stones and diamonds sits tightly against each other on the glittering gold body of the band, forming flowers, hearts, circles, and other intricate patterns. Heavenly, isn’t it? Elegant and trendy, these rings are designed not just to grace your fingers but to fetch you heaps and heaps of compliments, too.

Multistone Ring Designs through Ages

Rings and stones have a love affair that dates back to several centuries. Ever since people started using stones for making jewellery, they made the most of their sparkle by designing timeless pieces of multistone ornaments. Different types of multistone rings emerged in the jewellery industry from time to time and whenever they did, these designs won the hearts of jewellery enthusiasts instantly.

Take, for instance, the halo rings which originated in Europe during the Georgian era. The beauty and charm of these rings can be attributed to the numerous small diamonds that form a sparkling halo around the central stone. Unsurprisingly, halo rings enjoy a secure position in every jeweller’s signature collections till date.

Jewellery industry’s experiments with multistone rings didn’t end with halo rings, though. From the cocktail ring which is an American contribution to the jewellery industry to the quintessential Indian navaratna rings, from the fashion ring to the cluster ring, many iconic rings featured multiple stones. Such pieces continue to charm the world with their spectacular sheen and irresistible elegance. 

The Floral Saga: Buy Multistone Rings Online from BlueStone

The very shape of the flower is conducive to making multistone rings and some of the most fascinating pieces in our collection are designed in the floral theme. Take, for instance, the Mystic Floriated Ring and the Michelada Ring. These classic pieces made with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds boast not just of their mega sparkle but also of sheer luxury. 

The Caribou Ring made of 18kt gold and studded with 66 sparkling diamonds and the Kartiki Ring made of 18kt white gold with 26 diamonds are hard to say no to. The Batida Ring, an 18kt white gold ring with 160 tiny diamonds, is yet another fast-moving piece in our multistone floral ring category.

Upgrade Your Fashion Statement with Multistone Fashion Rings

For those who want to make an outstanding fashion statement with some mega sparkle, multistone rings are the best bet. What better way to make a grand entry into a party than by flaunting a beautifully oversized cocktail ring from BlueStone’s collection? Choose our spectacular multistone ring designs that include the Mandarin Ring and the Shirley Ring. When you raise your wine glass or sip your cocktail, people cannot fail to notice the beauties that adorn your finger. The Bjou Ring, the Mombasa Ring, and the Bellini Ring are crafted to perfection just to make you the centre of attraction in parties and get-togethers.

Fashion ring designs made their entry a few decades ago and they left neither the world of jewellery nor the hearts of women since then. Our two finger designs that include the Fabianna Two Finger Ring and the Janna Two Finger Ring are excellent picks when you want to stand out from the crowd. The Sally Ring and Cassia Ring, both feature multiple diamonds on an exquisite white gold body, will charm you with their unconventionality and quirkiness.

Carry a Cluster of Sparkle with BlueStone’s Multistone Ring Designs

Any ring with a number of glistening stones embedded in it is quite a sight. And when those stones are set in a cluster, heaven it is! Take a look at our multistone cluster ring designs and you will be amazed by the jumbo glitter they radiate.

For those who love the classic appeal of gold, we have uniquely handcrafted pieces like the Eela Ring and the Nabha Ring. If you prefer the contemporariness of white gold to the glitter of gold, then pick our Red Carpet Glamour Ring or the Gappa Ring. Diamonds and precious stones when set in the dome shape radiate light from multiple directions, and that makes our Proud as A Peacock Ring and Studded Radiance Ring the hot-picks of this season.

Buy Multistone Ring Designs for Your Special Occasions

You can buy multistone rings online from BlueStone to give some extra sparkle and vivacity to your special occasions. Even though single solitaire rings are still preferred by people, multistone ring designs are favoured by many modern brides and grooms to mark the beginning of their journey together.

A ring with a definite wow factor is surely the best pick when you say your wedding vows and that’s why you should be choosing from our multistone wedding rings that include the Angostura Ring, the Flirtini Ring, and the Suneha Ring, among many other signature pieces. The Lynsa Ring and the Theona Ring, two fabulous eternity rings featuring an unbroken line of diamonds, are an excellent choice for your anniversaries and other special occasions.

Multistone Ring Designs for Men

When it comes to their penchant for rings, men are second to none. BlueStone offers an ever-growing range of multistone rings handcrafted for men. From classic bands like the Moses Band for Him to religious designs like the Mool Mantra Ring, our range for the menfolk is inimitable in every sense. For men who fancy giving an Indian touch to their rings, we have navaratna designs such as the Raj Darpan Ring and the Tri Netra Ring. If the beauty and the variety of our collection have made your heart skip a beat, we give you one more reason to rejoice – our multistone rings’ prices.

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