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Complement Your Laidback Look with Vacation Ring Designs

Rings are perhaps the tiniest piece of jewellery you own, but being tiny comes with its own benefits. Imagine that you are going for that much-awaited vacation with your friends or family. When you have everything ready and packed – from your gorgeous goggles to colourful flip-flops – you need some jewellery to go with your vacation look, don’t you? Ornate neckpieces and diamond-studded bangles are difficult to carry when you go on a trip. This is where rings – those tiny, pretty trinkets – come to your aid. For women who want to holiday in style, Bluestone brings an eclectic collection of vacation ring designs. Whether you are putting your feet up in a beach resort or breaking a sweat on the trekking trail, these rings will add to your bling quotient in a way no other ornaments can match.

Buy Vacation Ring Designs for Every Kind of Vacation

When you buy vacation rings online from BlueStone, you can choose your twinkle based on the kind of vacation you are planning. For instance, floral designs like the Sollaris Ring and the Floriana Ring are your best bet when you intend to rejuvenate yourself amidst natural greenery. For those going for a romantic vacation, we have some highly romantic pieces like the Love Pill Ring and the Love Capsule Ring. However, if you are planning a beach vacation, opt for pearl-studded rings such as the Margo Ring or the Asbah Ring.

Fancy a tropical vacation? Choose from our Tropical Paradise collection that features eye-catchy pieces such as the Bambu Ring and the Rangan Ring. The Merri Stackable Ring and the Shiloh Ring, two hot-selling fashion rings in our collection, are your fine picks when your vacation involves chilling out with your tribe of fashionista friends. That’s not all. Explore the length and breadth of our collection and you will find a little something for the kind of vacation you are planning and the type of outfits you have chosen.

Choose the Twinkle Based on the Metal

Vacations bring out the best in you, so you should look for the best designs that effortlessly add to your charm and style quotient. You can choose your vacation ring based on the metal. Gold vacation rings are timeless classics. For women who want to go the classic way, we present our gold collection that includes everything you want – from plain gold rings like the Jenneva Ring and floral bursts like the Arman Ring to chic pieces like the Marleigh Chain Ring.

For a cool and contemporary laidback look, opt for white gold vacation ring designs. The Cassia Ring, the Azure Ring, and the Miska Ring are some of the hot-selling pieces in our while gold collection. Those who want to add a warm, whimsical, yet quirky touch to their moments of rejuvenation can choose from our rose gold vacation ring designs that include the Denica Ring and the Blooming Rose Ring. Team them up with matching outfits and accessories and you are all set to turn a few heads no matter where you are headed to.

Round, Square or Oval: How Do You like Your Jewels Cut?

The cut of the stones being used in your ring makes a big difference to vacation ring designs and vacation ring prices. The round cut as seen in the Smiraan Ring and the Embrace Ring is one of the most common cuts used in the jewellery industry. If you want the stone to look bigger than it actually is, pick a ring with marquise-cut stones such as the Teysi Ring or the Tvarika Ring. Oval stones like the blue sapphire in the Yuvrani Ring or the pink sapphire in the Ophelia Two Finger Ring give the ring a classic appeal. And then there’s the Minnoli Ring with pear shaped rubies that is sure to get you noticed.

Trends to Look Out for When You Buy Vacation Rings Online

Like fashion, rings are constantly evolving and it is important to keep track of what’s trending and what’s not. Cluster rings like the Emilia Ring are one such design that has been trending lately. These rings feature a number of small diamonds that give the look of a large solitaire without costing as much. Thus, for people shopping by vacation ring prices, this is a budget-friendly way to get your sparkle on. Two fingers rings like the Abbey Two Finger Ring or the Victoria Two Finger Ring have also been gaining popularity amongst celebrities in India and abroad.

Another popular trend on the rise is the multi-strand rings. When designers realised that wearing multiple rings on one finger may be a little uncomfortable, they designed rings that gave the look of stacked rings without the discomfort. Our favourites from this range include the Kohana Ring and the Raina Ring. Besides these, crisscross patterns like the Sally Ring, open designs like the Bryttani Ring, and square rings like the Benicia Ring are also trending in the vacation ring collections of this season.

Vacation Ring Designs: Bright and Colourful

Vacations call for something colourful, like the gemstone vacation rings in our collection. The beauty of this range is that you can pair them by colour with your different outfits. For example, if you are having an exotic dinner at a beach resort out in a red dress, you could complement your outfit with the ruby studded Elfie Ring or the Yogini Ring. Similarly, a green outfit would be set off by the Kohana Ring or the Gemma Ring. Some rings like the multi-coloured Haylie Ring can be paired with almost any outfit. That having said, you can never have enough vacation rings. So go browse through our collection and pick your favourites.

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