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Vacation Jewellery

Holiday in Style with BlueStone’s Vacation Jewellery Designs

You planned your vacation to perfection and paid attention to every minute detail, from itinerary and accommodation to outfits and flip-flops. And yet, just before locking the door or after hitting the road you realised that you haven’t packed your jewellery. You are not alone, my friend. We have all been there. We have all done it. But we all learn from mistakes too, don’t we?

It indeed is not a great idea to carry heavily designed pieces or a horde of ornaments when going on a vacation, but you need not and should not go without any, either. What you wear on your vacation defines you because you are who you are in our laid-back moments. So, here we present you some of the vacation jewellery designs that are right on trend.

Feel Connected to Nature with Some Flowers and Foliage

When your vacation plan involves relaxing amidst verdant landscapes and luxurious greenery, you certainly need some pieces of jewellery that go with the mood, don’t you? Rings, earrings, and pendants designed in the floral theme and foliage patterns radiate the nature feel and are excellent picks to feel connected to nature. BlueStone brings to you a fabulous range of floral jewellery to glam up your vacations.

Our plain gold jewellery collection that includes the Brookcress Earrings, the Floral Order Ring, and the Sovereign Flower Earrings is a basic need when you go on a trip to mountains or valleys. These pieces come without any stone embellishments and are easy to stow at the bottom of your suitcase. Those who prefer the sparkle of diamonds or the vivacity of colourful gems can choose from our Judith Earrings, Sollaris Ring, and Sunflower of Loyalty Pendant. Order these pieces right away if you want to put your feet up in style.

Enjoy the Sandy Shores with Some Beauties from Down the Ocean

Fancy a holiday on a sandy beach where you can enjoy the salty breeze, listen to the roaring sea, and savour delicious seafood? Beaches bring out everything good in you, from romance and fun to adventure and activity, and that’s why you should be packing the right kind of jewellery for a beach holiday.

How about chilling out on the beach like a mermaid wearing the beauties from deep down the sea? Our pearl jewellery collection that includes the Ava Earrings, the Adella Ring, and the Amathea Pendant looks so ‘beachy’. What better way to pay tribute to the wonders that lie deep within the ocean than by wearing a beautiful pearl ornament?

If you planning for some fun time in the waters, opt for plain gold jewellery or moderately ornate items studded with precious stones. Ornaments made of gold and gemstones are not harmed by salt and sand, so you can wear your favourite pieces of fine jewellery without worrying about losing their sheen.

Be a Minimalist Traveller with Our Minimalist Designs

If there is anything that defines avid and on-the-go travellers all across the globe, it is minimalism. Being a minimalist, however, doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your style quotient. With BlueStone’s minimalist vacation jewellery designs, you can now be a minimalist as well as a fashionista at the same time.

The Minia Earrings made of white gold and Ashlesha Earrings made of gold are subtle in design and neutral enough to go with any kind of outfits. The Rhytes Pendant, Astounding Shell Pendant, the Ribah Bangle, and the Pyramid Earrings are also some of the favourite picks of our customers who want to make the most of their vacation jewellery by mixing and matching it with different outfits.

For those who have planned a long vacation with multiple trips, from beaches to mountains and from mountains to streets, we have our lightweight jewellery collection. The Luna Necklace, the Mangit Ring, the Lupita Pendant, and the Dalena Stud Earrings are so light yet sturdy that anyone who loves to travel light wouldn’t want to give them a miss.

Upgrade Your Vacation Style with Fashion Jewellery

Have you packed your spectacular sunglasses, trendy maxi dresses, blingy flip flops, and other chic accessories? Well, all you need now is fabulous jewellery to complement your vacation look. You can now buy vacation jewellery online from BlueStone to upgrade your vacation bling and our fashion jewellery collection is your best bet.

If you want some flattering jewellery with design innovation, go for our Kendra Ring made of rose gold, Dancia Ring, or Nilofer Front Back Earrings. Two finger rings, open rings, and multi-strand rings such as our Fabiana Two Finger Ring, Bryttani Ring, and Raina Ring are versatile enough to pair with outfits and accessories of multiple colours.

Vacation Jewellery for the Believer in You

Do you want to carry a piece of your faith with you even when you are chilling out by the seaside or breaking a sweat on the trekking trail? Buy vacation jewellery designs crafted in religious motifs to display your faith in style. For the devotees of Christ, we have the Abel Cross Pendant and the Daniel Cross Pendant made in gold and the Rene Cross Pendant and the Jesse Cross Pendant made in white gold.

The followers of Hinduism can opt for our Divine Trishool Ring for Her or choose a piece from our exquisite range of Chakra jewellery. Our Ckakra pendants, earrings, and rings are made of gold and studded with carefully chosen stones and they help regulate your energies.

If our collection has filled you with an immense desire to hit the road, check our vacation jewellery prices, too. You wouldn’t want to wait for another second to plan your next trip!

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