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It’s Time to Holiday in Style with Vacation Bangles

Bangles make for pretty, chunky and noticeable pieces of jewellery. These significant rims around the wrists speak a thousand words. Not only do they reflect your personality and style, but also accentuate the element of glamour and grace. Talking of a vacation, bangles in the simplest and most ornate forms alike could make for some really interesting pieces. The best bangle series for vacation is available at BlueStone. Our vacation bangle designs hold a special place in every woman’s heart, as they stand for fun, happiness, and liberation. These designs are tailor-made for a holiday that you have planned. Whether you are heading out on a casual road trip, camping, visiting friends or spending time at an extended family function or wedding, you can buy vacation bangle designs from us and carry them along as they double up for travel and fun.

 Simple Sources of Happiness: Buy Vacation Bangle Designs

The simplest bangles are the most hassle free ones. These pieces a have perfect round, smoothened edges and do not interfere with your clothes. Some of the best pieces in basic patterns are the simplistic designs of the Simara Bangle, the Chaste Pride Bangles, the Vivid Winsome Bangles and the Breathtaking Designed Bangle. Some of the thicker versions in more than one tone or spots are the Toned Trump Bangles, the Shapely Guised Bangles, the Chisel Vision Bangles, the Spiralled Parade Bangles and the Enriching Pledge Bangle.

Continuing to rock the basic elements of clean cuts are some patterns with diamonds, either arranged as linear strips or scattered uniformed through the rim. Try out the Ribah Bangle, the Soyiah Bangle, the Verena Bangle and the Cantara Bangle. These neat pieces are sure to grab the attention of onlookers. Before you make a choice, do check the classic style of the Flaxen Oblong Bangles, the Trim Shear Bangles, and the Ethereally Crafted Bangle. Scan through the vacation bangles’ prices across your favourites and take your pick based on your budget.

Art with a Twist: Buy Vacation Bangles Online from BlueStone

Bangles can be the most artsy pieces of work. With the vacation bangle designs in BlueStone, there are different varieties to choose from. While some are inspired by nature, others are carefully crafted into intricate and complex patterns. Take a look at the beautiful pieces of garnet on either side of three pearls studded along the Timeless Charishma Bangle or the blooming flower petals of alternating rose and white gold in the Lynna Bangle. While there are flowers and gemstone studded designs, on one hand, there are unique and delicate patterns on the other. Check out the distinct pieces of art as seen in the leaf-like cuffs of the vacation bangle designs. Choose from the beautifully laced green patterns of thick cuffs like the Silas Cuff Bangle and the Asami Cuff Bangle. Try and buy vacation bangle designs from our extensive range in simple and easy steps.

Chained in Excitement

The word chained here has been used in a good sense. It refers to the variety of bangles having chains as clasps, while depicting the happy thoughts looping your minds while you are on a vacation. Try the beautiful flower made of diamonds as in the Iona Bangle, the stylish cuboid and circular pattern of diamonds in the Ivalyn Bangle or the star-studded shape and feel of the Jaclyn Bangle. These adorable pieces are closed by an adjustable chain, making them an easy choice to buy for your favourite girls whose bangle size you are unsure of.

Continued in the similar series, are bangles in rose gold. Sitting pretty in these tinted hues are some significant floral pieces that have diamonds in their cores. Adding beauty to the vacation are the like of the Janey Bangle, the Ivan Bangle, the Janaya Bangle and the Jacey Bangle.

Whatever colour and style you want to go with, you can easily buy vacation bangles online from the convenience of your homes. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the range in-depth and take a break from a dull and mundane. 

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