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Make a Unique Style Statement with Fabulous Fashion Ring Designs

The twentieth century has witnessed many new trends in jewellery designs which changed the way women see and wear their jewellery. One such trend has been the emergence and popularity of fashion ring designs. Unlike the conventional ring designs which leave little or no room for innovation, the fashion ring embraces bold experiments in patterns and designs. Women can use these rings as everyday accessories or wear them to flaunt their style in parties, weddings, and other dressy events. Whereas many fashion rings are studded with stones of multiple colours, some are designed in plain white or gold.

The faux and the fabulous: The history of fashion ring designs

The very idea of fashion jewellery, especially rings, dates back to those modern times when people all over the world started to experiment with avant-garde fashion. At the time of its emergence, the fashion ring was characterised by three main features – it was made of metals other than gold, especially silver; it used faux stones instead of precious stones or diamonds; it was made in unconventional and extremely unique designs and patterns. The introduction of fashion rings was indeed a bold gesture made by jewellery designers and it inaugurated a new era of design innovation in the traditional fashion and jewellery circuit. With the introduction of the fashion rings, people started using faux stones and were not ashamed of wearing them. However, over the period, jewellers started making fashion rings using precious metals and stones.

Stay original and unconventional with fashion ring designs

These days, the fashion ring is no longer defined by the features that originally characterised it. On the other hand, it has become a broad design category in ring designs. Today, the term ‘fashion ring’ is used to refer to any ring that is worn for the sole purpose of making a fashion or style statement.  Now you can buy fashion rings online from many reputed online jewellers and these rings vary in style, design, and size. These stylish and oversized rings are popular among modern urban women because of their sheer uniqueness and originality. When you buy fashion ring designs, you will find that these rings reflect the stylish and quirky aspects of the modern man or woman. So if you want to flaunt your originality with a piece of ornament, nothing is a better choice than a beautifully designed fashion ring.

Buy fashion rings online from BlueStone: Look gorgeous

BlueStone, the leading online jewellery store in India, brings to you the finest fashion ring designs at just the price that you have been anticipating. These rings, handcrafted for modern fashionistas, abound in originality, unconventionality, and style. You can choose different designs, cuts, and colours of fashion rings according to your preferences and budget and we have an option for customisation too.

The Frangelico Ring, the Georgeanne Ring, and the Rose Lattice Rings are some of the popular items in our fashion ring collection. Our designers have handcrafted a number of open ring designs such as the Ravery Ring, the Bryttani Ring, and the Jivanta Ring to give your fingers the uniqueness they deserve.

The ring is designed for adorning a finger, but isn’t it simply cool if a ring adorns not just one finger, but two? At BlueStone, we offer trendy and classy dual-finger designs including the Dettie Two Finger Ring, the Inka Two Finger Ring, and the Ophelia Two Finger Ring.  Our collection includes unique fashion ring in interlocking patterns (The Suri Ring), criss-cross patterns (the Cayanne Ring), and stylish cluster patterns (The Darika Ring). 

We have kept the fashion rings prices within your budget, as we cater to the interests and preferences of our esteemed customers from all backgrounds and ages. BlueStone offers you certified fashion rings just at your doorstep with the home try-on and the next-day delivery options. Buying a fashion ring was never this easy, perhaps!

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