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Pink Gemstone Rings

Satiate Your Love of Colours and Jewellery with Pink Gemstone Rings

There’s something about coloured gemstones that attracts jewellers and jewellery lovers to them. And the apple of all eyes amongst coloured gemstones is the colour pink. When the soothing tones of the colour combine with the sunny yellow of gold, magic happens. At BlueStone, we make the best of this magic by creating eloquent pink gemstone ring designs that suit your taste and personality. Whether you want to pair one of our pink gemstone rings with a pink attire or create a beautiful contrast of colours, you will find the right ring here. You can also browse our collection of pink gemstone rings to buy the best gift in the world of jewellery.

Pink Is for Positive Energies

Do you know what is the colour of universal love? No, it is not red, but it is pink. It is a quiet, subtle colour that exudes softness and is favoured by the lovers of beauty. Pink is formed by the combination of white and red. While the energy the colour gives out is determined by the quantity of red, it combines the energies of both the colours. White colour reflects the potential for feeling complete and red helps in achieving that potential. Combining these two energies, pink provides the feelings of love, tenderness, acceptance, and self-worth.

You should make pink a part of your life if you want to feel relaxed, have calm feelings, and feel contentment. Pink gemstones are believed to stimulate beauty and love. Wearing different shades of pink has different connotations. If you wear pink, you present yourself to be a calm and peaceful person who loves tranquility in life. The softer shades of the colour are blissfully feminine and the darker shades are said to ease hostile feelings. Pink gemstones, especially pink tourmaline is the stone of choice in heart chakra jewellery as it balances the heart chakra with its positive energies. You can buy pink gemstone rings online from us and cherish the beauty this lovely colour lends to jewellery.

Spellbinding Pink Gemstone Ring Designs for You

One of the most loved amongst coloured gemstones are pink stones, including rare pink sapphire and pink tourmaline. The pieces in our display combine the eloquence of these stones by setting them in high purity gold. Take a look at the Amaryllis Ring. It is crafted in 18kt gold and features a twirl of gold connected at the ends by an encrusted pink sapphire on the top. The round shape of the pink gemstone displays all its cuts brilliantly. You have more options to choose from when you want to buy pink gemstone ring designs.

The Apolonius Triad Ring is a three-stone ring has an 18kt gold body which is studded with pink tourmaline. It is a slim ring that thins out further on the top where the three stones are studded beautifully. The rich contrast of the gold and the pink stones is soothing to the eyes and a regal treat to your fingers. You will also find pink tourmaline on the Heart Chakra Ring. It is made of 18kt gold and features a golden sun frame on the top, which is studded with a curvaceous star-shaped pink tourmaline. The shape of the gemstone accentuates the overall look of the ring. While the primary purpose of the Heart Chakra Ring is to balance your heart chakra, it also makes a grand statement with its stunning design and would go well with whatever attire you pair it with.

If you want a pink gemstone ring that is also studded with gemstones of other colours, what’s better than the Skylyn Ring! It has a playful yet sophisticated open ring design crafted from 18kt gold. The two open ends of this ring feature a butterfly silhouette with two marquise pink sapphire and two smaller marquise blue topaz stones that make up the wings. The prong setting of the stones on the gold base lends it an unmatched style appeal. You can make any of these exquisite rings yours without burning a hole in your pocket. We offer a competitive pink gemstone rings price to keep you indulging in your love of fine jewellery.

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