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Officewear Nose Pins

Officewear Nose Pin Designs for a Charismatic Look

They say good things come in small packages. Nothing justifies this saying more than the spellbinding nose pin. One of the smallest pieces of jewellery worn by a woman, the nose pin lends a unique appeal to her getup. From festive occasions to everyday wear, a nose pin seems indispensable to make a woman look and feel resplendent. No wonder then that this matchless nose ornament is one of the most preferred items women love to wear to their office or workplace. A style statement in itself, officewear nose pins highlight the modern woman’s beauty like nothing else can. 

However, not all nose pins enhance your professional look. On the contrary, a nose pin that is not office appropriate does more harm than good. Multi-stone studded nose screws or funky horseshoe patterns are certainly not your best bets when it comes to officewear jewellery. If you are looking for an office-appropriate design, which is classy yet neutral enough to go with your professional outfit, we at BlueStone have a good range for you to choose from.

Significance of Wearing a Nose Pin

The tradition of wearing nose pins can be traced back to the Vedic ages. Since the ancient times, women in India have been wearing nose ornaments on the left side of their nose. According to Ayurveda, the spot is related to the female reproductive organs. It is believed that by wearing a nose pin on the left side, a woman experiences less pain during her periods and childbirth. In the early days, wearing nose pins made of gold and nose pins made of diamond also symbolised a woman’s wealth and status symbol.

Such beliefs and traditions notwithstanding, it is one piece of jewellery that has enjoyed enormous cultural acceptance in all parts of our country and still continue to do so. Today, nose pins are no more a symbol of mere tradition, but they have evolved into a cool fashion accessory that is spiritedly worn by career women and homemakers alike. As a stylish yet ethnic fashion statement and a fool-proof way to lift the beauty of your face by a few notches, nose pins are trending in the fashion world today.

Sparkle with BlueStone’s Officewear Nose Pin Designs

In order to cater to the fashion conscious women of today, the designers at BlueStone have come up with a sparkling collection of officewear nose pin designs. This collection of trendy designs is meant to enhance the glamour quotient of the self-assured professional women who juggle different tasks and roles with ease.

Trendy, classy, and tasteful, the collection indulges the fancies of the modern woman who is sure of her choices and preferences. Our designs are delicate works of art crafted in various shapes and sizes. The tiny jewellery pieces are designed in gold and studded with diamonds or gemstones.

Princess-Cut Stones for the Professional Princesses

Now you can buy officewear nose pin designs from BlueStone’s online store that feature princess-cut diamonds or gemstones. A stone shaped using the classic princess cut has a rectangular face-up portion while its profile is in the shape of an inverted pyramid. This cut is not only cost-effective but also suitable for making tiny pieces of jewellery like nose pins.

When looking for a statement nose ornament studded with a stone, consider having a look at our Delphinium Nose Pin. This 18k gold nose pin with a glistening diamond instantly attracts attention. If your style mirrors simplicity and elegance, the Japonica Nose Screw is sure to make your heart skip a beat. This 18k gold nose pin is highlighted with a red ruby that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The Galax Nose Screw is for women who prefer a simple yet classy design in gold and diamonds. If you prefer a pin instead of a screw, opt for the Galax Nose Pin, which also features a princess-cut diamond on an 18kt gold body.

Nose pins have come a long way from their traditional looks and our collection embodies this fact. Be it a stud or a ring, our nose pin designs are sure to make heads turn when you walk into your office flaunting them. Cool or classic, funky or fashionable, whatever be your style, we have the perfect nose pin to sit pretty on your nose.

For instance, if you love the allure of rings, then the Kosara Nose Ring can easily steal your heart with its alluring charm. Designed in 18k gold, this ring symbolises the blend of sophistication and style. For those looking for designs in the floral theme, we have the Romance Flora Nose Pin, which is shaped like a flower and studded with a sparkling diamond.

As the leading online jeweller, BlueStone remains at the forefront of offering high-quality jewellery pieces at unbeatable prices. This means, now you can buy officewear nose pins online at the most competitive prices. Yes, our officewear nose pins price range is simply irresistible. If you can’t make up your mind regarding which style of nose pin to select, we suggest you check out our collection and decide for yourself. With so many amazing designs, we are sure you will never be short of options.

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