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Are You Ready to Say Adieu to Your Monday Blues?

Monday mornings are really boring. You are stuck with the same old job and life looks like a mundane loop. But wait! Now you have something to look forward to. BlueStone’s officewear bracelets are here to make your Mondays merrier. They are the right piece of accessory to add some extra spunk to your getup. Why remain a Plain Jane in the workplace when you can dazzle them with your stunning taste? Explore this officewear bracelet collection today. Say goodbye to Monday blues forever.

How to Choose Officewear Bracelets?

You need to be careful while choosing your fashion accessories for formals. They cannot be loud or over the top. At the same time, they should enhance your professional look effortlessly. Our officewear bracelet designs are the right mix of glitz and sophistication. Choose the one as per your mood to pep up that dull office attire.

Want to make a subtle yet powerful styles statement? A plain gold bracelet without any stone embellishment is your best bet here. Take, for instance, the Astounding Shell Bracelet. This plain gold piece is made of 22kt gold and features a creatively executed shell motif. You can also choose a diamond bracelet should you wish to add a little twinkle to your office attire. And at BlueStone, we have just the right designs for you. The Purity Lily Bracelet is a fast-moving piece from this range.

Wrist ornaments studded with colourful gemstones are also trending these days. Do you want to be different from the routine? Then you should try the vibrant fusion of gold and gemstones. The Being Together Bracelet is a must have accessory for those who love colours. It sparks with the rosy hue of pink sapphire on 18kt gold. As if this was not brilliant enough, the bracelet also has diamonds to make it extra striking. It is a show stopper in the collection of officewear bracelets.

What’s Your Style?

Now, you can buy chic officewear bracelet designs without compromising your individual style. You can put them on with your salwar kurta, saree or even with formal skirts and trousers. There is a fabulous range of unique designs that will blend well with any office attire that you wear. Take a look at the different styles and designs available under this segment. Each style is carefully created to give an edge to your personality.

Try our floral styles which are the best choice on days when you have a lot going on in the office. They are elegant and yet subtle. A popular pick in this section is the Caressing Flora bracelet. It is an 18kt diamond bracelet made of gold. This beautiful style resembles a band of flower dangling from your wrist. Its elegance will definitely add scores to your style quotient. Yet, you will still get to carry an air of professionalism.

You can also choose to go offbeat with another widely demanded item from our collection. The Squared in Appeal Bracelet is a curious mix of geometrical patterns and minimalist art. It is the right accessory if you wish to grab some attention. Put it on to make a statement on the office floor. But don’t just stop there. Flaunt this bracelet in your office parties to get applauded for your unconventional style.

But What If You Wish to Keep It Light?

BlueStone’s collection of officewear bracelets caters to the varying tastes of modern women. For instance, do you prefer wearing a bracelet that is light on your wrists? Look for lightweight designs when you buy officewear bracelets online. Our lightweight bracelets go perfectly well with your everyday style. The Sticking Flora Bracelet is a favourite of our customers. This stunning piece is made of 18kt gold and studded with sparkling diamonds. The Symphonic Raaga Bracelet is another design trending in our lightweight collection. These bracelets are good to go with your day-to-day hectic schedule. However, they do not undermine your fashion sense one bit!

What’s Your Favourite Colour of Gold?

We not only offer a range of styles but also bring in bracelets crafted in rare combinations. Our online store offers the best officewear bracelets in gold. If yellow is not your colour, then pick bracelets in white gold. Take a look at the fashion industry and you will know one thing for certain. White gold jewellery is exploding in popularity. What’s more? They are classy, contemporary, and stylish enough to spruce up your officewear collection.

One of the bestsellers in our white gold range is the Leaf Lace Bracelet. The intricate pattern of this 18kt white gold bracelet is breathtaking. To make it visually more appealing, the bracelet has been fitted with diamonds in an intertwined vine shape. If you wish to add more colours and spark to the white gold, try the Petals Bracelet. It is an 18kt white gold bracelet that comes with a combination of diamonds and ruby. These sleek bracelets are certainly must have accessory in your office wardrobe. Are you ready to say yes to white gold?

Something for Everyone

Are you looking for a plain gold bracelet? Do you prefer a diamond-studded one? You will find the right designs here in this collection. The Entwined Appeal bracelet made of 22kt gold will clad you with elegance and sophistication. Want to make your co-workers go green with envy? Choose the Galaxy Bracelet. This 18kt gold piece is studded with 51 sparkling diamonds. Do you think that only women have the pleasure of buying trendy officewear bracelets online? Then, check out the Fame Bracelet right away. This diamond bracelet is the best style accessory to complete the formal attire of a man.

And our officewear bracelet price range? As attractive as our collection, we say! You also have an option of paying through EMI. Now, don’t let anything stop you from being the trendiest employee of the year.

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