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Light Weight Jewellery Rings

Lightweight Ring Designs: Where Light is Might

What is light as a feather, cool as a cucumber, fresh as a daisy and yet chic, trendy and stylish? Hands down it is the Lightweight jewellery ring designs from BlueStone. See it to believe it yourself and you are most welcome to try them on before you buy – check out over 100 designs that have been exclusively crafted by our master craftsmen and you cannot keep your hands off these or rather keep these off your hands should we say?

If you excited at our designs that are unique and out of this world, then the price tag will not disappoint you either. Light on your pocket, high on fashion the Lightweight jewellery ring designs are on a roll! There’s more – these rings come in a variety of bright hues and patterns. Diamonds and multi-coloured gemstones set in yellow, pink and white gold options are eye-catchy and you can wear them as your festival charms, party show-stoppers, vacation specials, everyday essentials and as romance rings too. Buy lightweight rings online from BlueStone and you can pick one for each occasion, there is nothing heavy here, and we assure you!

Buy Lightweight Rings Online From BlueStone

At BlueStone, we have a ring for everyone. From the religiously inclined to the love bitten ones, we have Lightweight and cost effective rings in store. Browse through our collection and buy the one that meets your style needs.

Lightweight Ring Designs for Pious Ones

For those who want to keep your faith close to your heart, our religious rings will come in handy. The Om Prakasha Ring for women and the Om Kantha Ring for men are matching rings with the holy syllable inscribed on them. You and your partner can flaunt your religious belief in style with these matching rings.

Composite designs that are light in weight are made possible with the usage of 18k gold. While the designs are composite, everything about their price range and design is refreshing and light as a breeze. True to its name the Rashmi Ring has a dazzling design as original as the ray of sunlight.

Love is in the Air

The romance ring collection has an absolute delightful range of trendy and iconic designs that you can choose from. The Jenneva Ring has a simple heart as a ring design. The heart - a primal representation of love now becomes a fashion statement.

Secret inscriptions on the inside of the ring add an enigmatic allure to it. And that’s not all – the with Love Eternity Ring has a diamond studded on the inside of the ring that proclaims your love forever. How about a ring that signifies your sizzling romance? The U R My Match Ring is a playful and cool design of a match stick in white gold with a rose gold tip that looks like a flame. The Hundred MG Love Ring that is shaped like a capsule confirms that a good dose of rose gold love is definitely the cure for all blues.

Enjoy Vacation in Style with Lightweight Rings

If vacations are all about fun and frolic, then the right accessory for an exciting vacation will be a lightweight jewellery ring. Tag these trendy rings along and your vacation pictures will be the talk of the social media. The Gericka Ring is a chic open ring that combines the dainty charm of white, yellow and rose gold. So take the well-deserved break while you chill by the pool or watch the Sun go down and your style quotient will be enhanced with the Te Amo Ring.

Cool and Confident Lightweight Ring Designs

The working women of today go for comfortable jewellery that is light yet sturdy and minimalist yet stylish. Look no further than our lightweight jewellery ring collection that is your perfect corporate companions. Pieces such as the Margo Ring with a pearl atop, the Devondra Ring with diamonds in white and gold shall add confidence and poise to your office avatar.

Our lightweight rings prices are as stunning as the designs. Didn’t we tell you that buying lightweight jewellery rings online at BlueStone is easy as a breeze? Go ahead and light up your wardrobe today with these stunning and stylish rings.

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