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22k Gold Jewellery

22k Gold Jewellery: Exquisite Beauty with Lasting Purity

The old adage “all that glitters is not gold” is true even in gold standards. While there are many types of jewellery that are available nowadays, what differentiates the good and the bad is the purity of gold used to make them. Of the different caratages that define the purity of gold, 22k gold is considered to be the best for designing beautiful, long-lasting jewellery. We believe that beauty is a matter of choice and not chance. You would agree with us when you browse through our exquisite collection of traditional and contemporary 22k gold jewellery designs. From rings and earrings to necklaces and pendants, we have it all for you.

Measuring the purity: What is 22k gold and why it is the best?

Gold has been used as a precious metal since ancient times. It has been treasured and preserved for its radiance and natural beauty. This could be one of the reasons why many cultures imagined this precious metal to represent the sun. From being a major constituent of jewellery around the world to having traditional and religious purposes, gold has a multitude of uses. While gold is considered to be in its purest form (99.9 percent pure) at 24 carats, it is not an ideal purity to work with. Pure gold is soft and has limited design possibilities; jewellery made with it doesn’t last long and is prone to scratches and even breakage.

To make pure gold stronger, it is mixed with other metals or metal alloys. Consequently, at the next level of high purity (91.3 percent pure) is 22k gold with 22 parts of pure gold and two parts of other metals, such as silver, zinc, nickel, etc. The addition of these metals gives gold a harder texture and makes 22k gold jewellery designs strong and durable. For these reasons, 22k gold is the most commonly used form of gold for jewellery making.

Have you ever wondered how 22k gold jewellery comes in such a diverse palette of colours? White gold jewellery is made by alloying gold with white metals, such as silver or palladium. In addition, a rhodium plating is used to give white gold a brighter shine. Similarly, combining copper with pure gold results in the soft pink colour of rose gold. Other unusual colours like blue and purple are obtained by adding patinas or oxides to the alloys mixed with gold. Gold is fascinating, isn’t it?

Be spoilt for choice: Buy 22k gold jewellery online for him and her

For your love of jewellery, we create awe-inspiring, timeless designs that exude class and sophistication. At BlueStone, you can buy 22k gold jewellery designs that are unique and match your personality. Our exclusive, vibrant collection includes the Mena Pendant crafted with intricately carved 22k gold, the Guardian Om Ring for Men featuring Om in gold, the elaborately designed Isla Earrings, and the beautiful Daring Femme Pendant made with a combination of 22k yellow and white gold among other jewellery. Our competitive 22k gold jewellery price will have you craving to own more of these exquisite pieces of stunning beauties.

Show your jewellery some love: special care instructions

Our 22k gold jewellery can be worn for years, doesn’t get easily damaged, and can maintain its beauty and luster for ages. While BlueStone promises unmatched purity, it takes some amount of care to keep your jewellery looking as bright and beautiful as new. Like most jewellery, wearing 22k ornaments doesn’t cause damage to them. However, it is important to store all the pieces of jewellery properly, preferably in original boxes, and clean them at regular intervals. Show a little love to your precious jewellery and you’ll get unending love in return!

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