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Add a Dash of Glitter with 22k Gold Bangle Designs

Do you have a penchant for gold bangles and feel surprised by your irrational obsession with them? Then, archaeologists have an interesting and somewhat consoling finding to offer you – that, people’s deep love affair with gold bangles is not a new phenomenon and it began ever since the ancient men learned how to adorn their wrists with the yellow metal. In the history of bangles, many metals came, conquered the industry, dictated fashion trends for a while, and then declined in vogue but gold has always been the uncrowned king of bangles. So all ye bangle lovers, buy your next bangle with renewed pride and confidence, and this time how about choosing from a fabulous collection of the latest 22k gold bangle designs?

Gold bangle designs: A history encircled with glitter

Wrist ornaments existed in many ancient civilisations in some form or the other and they adorned the wrists of kings and slaves alike. But bangles, as we know today, emerged from the South Asian cultures a few millennia ago. India has a rich history of gold bangles to boast of - a history that ranges across different empires and various dynasties and abounds in rich traditions of jewellery making. The temple jewellery collections of the Pallava and Pandya dynasties contained heavy and decorative bangles made of gold. Elaborately designed golden bangles, often with colourful embellishments, were central to many jewellery traditions that emerged from India such as the Kundan, Meenakari, Mughlai, etc. They also were an integral part of traditional bridal collections and even today, no Indian bride is considered complete without gold bangles.

The golden charm of 22k gold bangle designs

One of the most popular categories of bangles available today is the 22k gold bangles made of gold with or without embellishments. Though 24k gold is purer in quality and higher in caratage, its softness makes it unfitting for making everyday ornaments. Bangles for everyday use should be strong and sturdy, so designers often prefer 22k gold over 24k gold. From the simple and plain kada bangles, cuff bangles, and torque bangles to the highly ornate single bangles and cluster bangles, you can buy 22k gold bangle designs for everyday use and special occasions. When you buy 22k gold bangles online, you can choose from exclusive collections designed in two-tone gold which will give your wrists a contemporary and stylish look.

Classy, chic, and contemporary: BlueStone’s 22k gold bangle designs

Some people say good things don’t last long, but at BlueStone we are committed to making ornaments that are both good and long-lasting. That’s why we bring to you our glittering collection of 22k gold bangle designs for both men and women. These pieces handcrafted by our designers are known for their aesthetic appeal and durability. Moreover, when you buy 22k gold bangles online from us, you get exciting offers and special deals which will make your shopping experience a delightful one.

For the modern office-going women, we have a specially designed collection of workwear bangles that are both elegant and contemporary. Our signature pieces like the Jashan Bangle, the Chisel Vision Bangles, and the Shapely Guised Bangles will go well with traditional as well as modern outfits.

Get the sparkle without diamonds: Buy 22k gold bangles with the pave pattern

Bangles studded with diamonds are certainly not ideal for everyday use, but what if you can get the sparkle of diamonds without actual diamonds? For those who want to wear their everyday bangles with style and sparkle, BlueStone has a great range of 22k gold bangles designed in dotted pave pattern. This pattern, which is done on white tone, gives onlookers an impression that the bangle is studded with diamonds or white gemstones even though the bangle has no actual diamonds. The Keila Bangle, the Striking Forever Bangle, and the Enrica Bangle are some of the artfully crafted pieces in the dotted pave pattern and they indeed give you a bigger bang for every buck you spend.

Kadas in 22k gold bangle designs: A perfect wrist-mate for the menfolk

Kadas, the traditional single bangles worn by men in some regions, have reincarnated as a fashion statement among the modern urban men. With the kadas in 22k gold that BlueStone offers, men can now flaunt a bit of glitter on their wrists. If you are looking for a single and sturdy bangle to adorn your wrists, consider buying some of our popular pieces in gold like the Vans Kada for Him or you can go for a piece in two-tone gold like the Vashisht Kada for Him. Men are sure to take a liking to the Mayank Aum Kada for Him and the Vinay Uttam Kada for Him, which are our contemporary interpretations of the classic cuff bangle design.

The 22k gold bangles’ prices at BlueStone are affordable across the range and considering the everydayness and visual appeal of these ornaments, a gold bangle made of 22k gold is worth an investment.

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