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Diamond And Gemstone Hearts Rings

Diamond and Gemstone Heart Rings: Lots of Sparkle, Lots of Colours

Ever wanted to give someone a piece of your heart (figuratively, of course), but failed to find the right way of doing it? Ever wanted to make yourself feel special with a piece of jewellery, but couldn’t find the right one? You don’t have to worry anymore. We, at BlueStone, bring to you a brand new collection of diamond and gemstone hearts ring designs. These creatively crafted trinkets score on many levels. They have the glitter of gold, the sparkle of diamonds, and the colourful splash of gemstones. What more could you ask for?

Why Do We Wear Rings?

When it comes to jewellery, rings have always been an indicator of status. Apart from symbolising marital status, rings can also symbolise the wearer’s cultural background, religious beliefs, etc. Rings are typically associated with the fourth finger on the left hand, which is also known as the ring finger. It is believed that the vein in this finger runs directly to the heart. For this reason, women wear their engagement rings and wedding rings on this finger. However, rings can be worn on other fingers as well. Signet rings and family crest rings are often worn on the index finger. Rings can also be worn on the thumb, middle finger and pinkie.

The Heart: A Symbol that Speaks of Love

The symbolic form of a heart may look nothing like the human heart, but it is recognised as the universal symbol of love. Thus, when a man gifts a woman a ring like the Ultimate Love Ring, he is pledging to love her forever. There are many theories on how the heart symbol arrived at its form. Some say that it was inspired from the shape of ivy leaves while others believe that it evolved from the shape of a silphium seed. In the middle ages, this symbol began appearing in paintings and other art forms. Today, apart from being painted and printed, gemstones are even cut in this shape. The Philasa Ring and the Samorn Ring are two such designs from our diamond and gemstone hearts ring collection.

Gemstone Cuts

Gemstones are rarely used in their natural form when being set in jewellery. They must first be cut and polished in order to enhance their sparkle. One of the most common ways to cut a gemstone is the round shape, as seen in the Avianna Ring and the Lexie Ring. This is considered the most efficient way of capturing a stone’s sparkle and brilliance. The heart shape is one of the more uncommon ways to cut a gemstone. This is comparable to a pear shape with a cleft cut out on the top. Two important parameters that determine the quality of a heart cut stone are the sharpness of the cleft and the symmetry of the stone. Two of our best diamond and gemstone hearts rings that feature these stones are the Amarela Ring and the Mirella Ring.

When A Single Gemstone Isn’t Enough

When you buy diamond and gemstone hearts ring designs, you can opt for a ring with the cluster setting. This setting, which features a cluster of gemstones, can make smaller gemstones look like a single, large one. Thus, it creates the illusion of a gemstone with a high carat value without the price tag that would typically accompany it. For example, a cluster of round cut diamonds in the Olphia Ring look like a single large heart-shaped diamond. The Veidah Ring is another beautiful example of this setting.

A Ring for Every Occasion

Our new designs in diamond and gemstone hearts rings are crafted for all occasions. The Armas Ring is ideal for a casual luncheon or a day at the office. Alternatively, you could wear the Carysa Ring. Are you looking for something dainty for date night? Pick the Elea Heart Ring. However, you may want something a little bolder to complement a cocktail dress or a saree for an evening party. The Jonet Crown Ring with a marquise cut ruby could be just what you need. You could also consider the Lanet Ring. This design combines a number of small heart motifs to create a larger floral motif.

Find Trendy Diamond and Gemstone Hearts Rings Online

Jewellery trends influence not only the way gemstones are set but also the colour of gold they are set in. Gold may be considered synonymous to yellow but it isn’t always so. Two other popular colours of gold used for jewellery are white and pink. White gold is formed by alloying pure gold with nickel or platinum. One of our favourite white gold rings is the Minna Ring. Rose gold is formed by alloying pure gold with copper. This can be seen in designs like the Adreana Ring and the Terra Rose Quartz Ring. White gold and rose gold follow the same carat system as gold.

How to Buy Diamond and Gemstone Hearts Rings

With BlueStone offering fine jewellery at affordable prices, it is easy to buy diamond and gemstone hearts rings online. We offer a wide range of designs that you can browse through in the comfort of your home. In all major cities in India, we offer the home trial facility which allows you to try on a ring before you buy it. That’s not all. Like your traditional family jeweller, we also give you the opportunity to customise your ring based on your tastes and preferences. Our rings are typically made of 18kt gold. However, some designs like the Drasan Ring can also be made in 14kt gold. Additionally, you can customise the colour and clarity of diamonds being used in designs like the Amberly Crown Ring.

And our diamond and gemstone hearts ring price tag? It is as affordable as affordable can get! So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite heart ring today and make each day a celebration of love.

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