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22k Plain Gold Jewellery

Be Dazzled By 22k Plain Gold Jewellery

This glimmering yellow metal is a necessary inclusion in most of the ceremonies and rituals. It plays a vital role in every occasion. It is a symbol of luck, wealth, and prosperity. It is a sign of royalty and magnificence. This precious metal has been moulded to form crowns and thrones. People have sought it and wars have been fought for its possession. Today it is even used in producing electronics and medicines. By now you must have guessed it right. We are talking about gold.

Do you know what makes gold the most desired metal for making jewellery? Its versatility! No matter what the colour or caratage is, this yellow metal looks stunning when crafted into jewellery. Trinkets studded with diamonds and colourful gemstones are making a wave in the jewellery industry. Yet, plain gold jewellery made of 22k gold remains an all-time favourite of many women and men. For them, the designers at BlueStone present an eclectic collection of 22k plain gold jewellery.

Why 22k Gold?

Before we proceed it’s important to understand how 22k plain gold differs from other forms of gold. Gold, scientifically speaking, is a transitional metal. This means it can easily be fused with other elements to form alloys. In its purest form, gold is soft, dense, and malleable. When you use the term 24k gold, you are referring to this form of gold which is 99.9% pure. It is soft and supple in nature and has a bright yellow colour. It is more expensive than other forms of gold. However, its lack of hardness and durability also makes it unsuitable for making regular plain gold jewellery. Thus, 24k gold is often alloyed with other metals to form gold of a lower caratage, which are suitable for jewellery making.

What Makes 22K Plain Gold Jewellery Special?

In 22k gold, the percentage of purity is reduced by some fraction to give it more durability. It contains only 91.67% is pure gold. The rest of the 8.33% is made up of alloys such as silver, copper or nickel. In other words, it is comprised of 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of other metals. The colour of 22k gold has a slight red or white tinge depending upon the metal that is mixed. 22k plain gold jewellery is more durable and less expensive than 24k gold jewellery. There is a wide range of 22k plain gold jewellery designs and style in each category at BlueStone. From traditional to avant-grade, there’s a motley collection that is simply impressive.

The Myriad Choices in Rings

If you plan to buy 22k plain gold jewellery designs, you’ll get myriad choices under this category. When we say plain gold, it doesn’t mean there are no colours. One of the hottest picks in this category is the Fiery Passion Ring designed in the floral theme. The creative colour combination of red and yellow gives it a fiery edge that is hard to find. We also offer the matching pendant and earrings to go with this ring. So, get ready to rock in red.

Those who wish to choose an intricate pattern can go for the Blossoming Beauty Ring. If you are searching for something contemporary but within your budget, the Lune Top Open Ring is a fine pick. It is a perfect accessory to add panache to your party look. At the same time, it is elegant enough to suit your day wear. The 22k plain gold jewellery collection has much more to offer you than just the variety in style. You can select designs based on occasions as well. The Legendary Ring or the Twirled wonder ring, are beautiful choices under the anniversary ring collection made of 22k plain gold. You will also get the best 22k plain gold jewellery for any festive occasion including religious ornaments such as the OM Prakash Ring.

The Classic Charm of 22k Plain Gold Pendants and Necklaces

Pendants made of 22k plain gold are a current rage. The resilience of 22k plain gold gives craftsmen the freedom to try unique designs even in pieces made of lesser weight. The Guarded Love Pendant and the Stryna Pendant are a very popular choice of our customers. You can also browse certain unconventional styles which are equally preferred by customers. The Careen Axis necklace is one of them. Its modish design makes it a set choice among jewellery enthusiasts. From floral pieces like the Halle Pendant to heart designs like the sweetheart pendant, our collection has something for everyone.

In addition to pendants, we have a stunning range of necklaces and mangalsutras. The Viswaroopini Necklace is an exquisite piece from our coinage collection. The Kavya Mangasutra is for women who love to sport simple, traditional designs.

The Affordable Earrings and Bangles

Earnings are the best options to pick if you wish to buy 22k plain gold jewellery online. You’ll probably be stunned by the versatility in style. From studs to traditional hoop earrings and from modern danglers to drop earrings, there’s hardly anything that you won’t get in our store. The Ashley Earrings with its delicate work is a highly preferred item in 22k plain gold jewellery. If you wish to browse trendy 22k plain gold jewellery online, then do not miss picking up the Shaksham drop earrings or the Hedie Stud Earrings.

You can get a simple design such as the Plush Aureate Bangle, but if you prefer something ornate go for the Gwyneth Bangle. And if you wish to carry something flamboyant and yet classy go for the Entwined Appeal Bracelet. Our 22k plain gold bangle collection contains kadas for men too. The Alok Vikas Kada is a popular pick of our customers.

At BlueStone, the choices are innumerable and our 22k plain gold jewellery price is much highly competitive. Are you ready to give your jewellery box a makeover without burning a hole in your pocket?

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