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22k Jewellery: The Perfect Blend of Exquisiteness and Sparkle

The sparkle of gold jewellery mesmerises almost everyone. Whether you love to wear heavily designed exquisite pieces or flaunt simple yet stylish ornaments, the appeal of gold is simply undeniable. From statement pieces ideal for special occasions to everyday ornaments women wear to their workplace, the trend of wearing gold jewellery has evolved over time. In a world of constantly evolving fashion trends, gold jewellery has been able to hold on to its timeless appeal. Have you ever wondered what makes jewellery made of this yellow metal so special? Don’t the awe-inspiring designs exude a unique charm of their own? Interestingly, pure gold is not suitable for making fine jewellery for everyday wear. But you don’t need to stress over this as 22k jewellery comes to your rescue. With its fineness and beauty, 22k jewellery designs come as the foolproof answer to all your jewellery aspirations.

22k Jewellery: Know What It Means

The love of jewellery goes back to a long time in the history of human civilisation. Since the period of the cavemen, people have adorned themselves with ornaments made of various materials, including wood, bones, flowers, etc. With the advent of the precious metals like gold and silver, the attraction of jewellery acquired a whole new height. As people experimented with gold, they discovered that pure gold or 24k gold was too soft to make durable pieces of jewellery. In order to make it suitable for jewellery making, gold was alloyed with base metals. Thus, the 22 carat or 22k gold came into existence. A 22k jewellery piece consists of 91.6% pure gold and the rest consists of metals added to reduce its softness. Today it is the most widely used caratage for gold bullion coins all over the world, including American Gold Eagles, British Sovereigns, and South African Krugerrands.

The Eternal Allure of 22k Jewellery Designs

Gone are the days when you would wear gold jewellery only for special occasions and otherwise keep them locked up in your bank locker as heirloom items. Today’s fashionistas love to flaunt their jewellery and how! Artfully crafted 22k jewellery designs are not only a style statement in themselves, they also help you express your personality and stand a class apart from the crowd. The uniqueness of 22k jewellery pieces is that you can wear them for years and still they won’t lose their sheen and beauty. Now if you think we are referring to just the women while talking about jewellery, then you are mistaken. It holds equal appeal for men as it does for women.

Buy 22k Jewellery Online at BlueStone

While looking to buy 22k jewellery designs, do not miss visiting BlueStone’s online store. Our exclusive collection of 22k jewellery in gold and white gold is an absolute delight for jewellery enthusiasts. Known for quality and craftsmanship, our incredible collection of 22k jewellery is suitable for every occasion.

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The list and the choices are endless and with our competitive 22k jewellery prices, you can rest assured of getting the best value for your money. So, go ahead and unleash your jewellery fantasy today.

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