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The Everlasting Glitter of 22k Earring Designs

Makeup may help you hide your facial flaws and highlight the features. But a good pair of earring can go a long way to make your face look strikingly attractive. Many a time, people make a wrong choice of this essential accessory and end up spoiling the whole getup. A good pair of earring will add to your personality and reflect who you are. The designers at BlueStone understand the magic a pair of earrings can do to you. That’s why we bring to you a classic collection of 22k earrings for women, men, and kids.

Trust us when we say these golden beauties are all you need for a total makeover. Do you prefer standing out in a crowd rather than blending in? Try the danglers. Do you want something to spruce up your corporate look? Then pretty hoop will go well with you. Do you love ethnic wear? Try out the drop earrings. If you want to keep things elegant and subtle, then do not hesitate to pick the beautiful studs. You will be surprised by the versatility that you get to see not only our designs but also in 22k earrings price. So what are your options if you wish to browse through 22k earrings collection? Let’s check them out.

Know the Basics before You Buy 22k Earrings

Carat is a word you come across when you purchase jewellery from online or offline stores. It refers to the purity of gold. Gold in its purest form is 24 carats. Notwithstanding this high purity, 24k gold is extremely soft and hence unsuitable for making fine jewellery. So jewellers make alloys of gold by combining 24k gold with other metals. The presence of other metals lowers the purity of gold and makes it hard and durable. The next highest purity available today is 22k, which has 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of other metals. This caratage is best suited for making plain gold ornaments without gemstones.

Stud It Up With 22k Studs Earrings

Studs are the go-to option for most women when they pick a pair of earrings. You might have probably worn them as a child too. They add up to your style quotient without being loud. But when you buy 22k earrings online, be ready to be stunned. At BlueStone, you will get the most amazing collection of studs. From gorgeous floral style to entangled odes, our studs can be equally gaudy as any other earring.

The Peacock Vivacity Stud Earrings is a fine case in point. This pair has a stunning design that never misses the attention of onlookers. A similar design can be found in the Rebha Earrings. While the trendy design crafted in gold gives these studs an elegant finish, what really makes them remarkable is the rhodium plating. Don’t forget to look for the uber fancy designs such as the Freida Earrings or the Noeline Stud Earrings. Another option is the classic Sreejana Stud Earrings decked with sparkling diamonds. The classic design adds oomph to your personal style when worn with beautiful high neck attire.

Be Drop Dead Gorgeous with 22k Drop Earrings

If you wish to put on something more dramatic, then try on the drop earrings. They are eye catchers for certain, but retain the highest degree of elegance at the same time. Drop earrings go well with cocktail dresses or chiffon sarees. Take a look at the Prithika Earrings. The style is subtle and closer to that of a stud. Yet it won’t fail to stand out with a neatly tied hair bun. But if you wish to experiment and make a few heads turn, then do look for the Entwined Appeal Earrings or the beautiful Ashley Earrings. These earrings are designed to shoot your glamour scale sky high. But don’t stop there; put the floor on fire with a more flamboyant style that is sure to grab people’s attention. The Diane Earrings or the Isla Earrings are a trail blazer in the floral design section of drop earrings.

Hoop and Detach: Make a Style Statement As Unique As You

Let’s admit it; hoops never go out of style. They were the first earrings to enter the world of jewellery and probably will be the last to leave. Famous celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan have adorned these earrings in their movies. They range from minimalistic design to majestically gorgeous styles. Check the Vivaciously Designed Earrings or the Rhythm Hoop Earrings to know what we mean!

Now, if you are confused between drops, hoops, and a simple stud, just click on the detachable earrings segment. Here you will find a perfect balance of all. The segment highlights trendy 22k earrings online which can be worn either as a stud or drop earring. You will get plenty of options such as the Charlize Drop Detachable Earrings or the Glittering Rachel Drop Detachable Earrings.

22k Earrings for Kids and Men

If you wish to buy 22k earring designs for kids, our store has a whole segment dedicated to them. We have mixed and matched the colours to add pomp to our kid’s collection. The most robust choice under kid’s section is the Faithful Doggy Earrings. Who can resist a cute pup starting with its twinkling eyes? An equally popular pick in this category is the Fun Mushroom Earrings crafted in a red hue.

Going by the current trend, studs and hoops are gaining popularity among men. In our store, you will get the best 22k earrings available under the men’s jewellery section. The Braylon Stud is currently a very hot choice among customers. Also check out the Cirque Earrings for men, which is an excellent choice if you wish to gift it to someone special.

So, are you ready to add a new golden beauty to your collection? Do not hesitate. When it comes to earrings, every day is a good day to buy a pair!

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