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Hanuman Pendant

Lord Hanuman, the Sankat Mochan, is known to protect everyone from evil or calamities. The son of Anjana and Lord Kapiraj Shri Kesari is a Hindu god who is known for his strength. Hanuman Chalisa is the holy prayer recited by devotees of Lord Hanuman, to seek blessings of the God. It is believed that reciting Hanuman Chalisa brings good health and prosperity.

Lord Hanuman - The Protector

Lord Hanuman is the believer of Lord Ram, who fought beside the Lord to defeat Lord Ravana. There are innumerable stories about the power and strength of Lord Hanuman. It is said that by singing Hanuman Chalisa, one can seek the blessings of the god.

Lord Hanuman’s weapon is the Gada (mace). The Lord himself participated in the war against the demon king, Lord Ravana. Lord Hanuman is also known as Pawan, the wind god. Few texts also indicate the fact that Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Journey of Pendants

The prehistoric form of jewellery was using amulets as pendants! However, in the twenty-first century as well, amulets retain their popularity as good luck charms, and as protection against evil eye! Pendants also have religious significance. The cross or the cruciform shape is very important in Christianity. Wearing the cross visibly showcases the person’s inclination towards religion.

In Hindu culture as well, one can see people wearing Om pendants. It is believed that Om depicts meditation and brings peace to the person chanting it. With the similar belief, people wear Om pendants as they consider it auspicious. Similarly, one can also find people wearing the Ganesh pendants. It is believed that praying to Lord Ganesha bring auspicious beginnings. In the similar fashion, the believers of Lord Hanuman are of the opinion that wearing a Hanuman pendant will help them protect themselves from evil energies.

Hanuman Pendants at BlueStone

At the online jewellery store, BlueStone, one can find a wide variety of jewellery pieces. From pendants to necklaces and from rings to earrings, you name it and they have it! Caution! You will be spoilt for choice at this store.

If you have come to the website looking to buy Hanuman pendants online, then you will not be disappointed at all. Majorly you will find four types of Hanuman pendant designs.

The first being the beautifully carved Lord Hanuman symbol with the Gada at the centre placed in a diagonal manner. The latter part of the letter OM resembles the tail of the Lord. The stones at the end of the petals further enhance the look of the pendant.

One of the designs available at BlueStone is the Hanuman Mace Pendant. The design was made popular by popular Bollywood actor, Salman Khan, in one of his movies. Since then the popularity of the Gada pendant has gone beyond boundaries. If you wish to own this popular pendant, then all you need to do is to browse to BlueStone and select the said pendant. You can for make sure that the pendant perfectly fits your style, by trying it on before purchasing the same!

The other two designs at BlueStone has the face of the Lord beautifully carved using gold and diamonds. One design has the face directly carved using the yellow metal while the crown is enhanced using diamonds. The other design, the Anjaneya Pendant, has the Lord’s face carved on a flat surface with diamonds placed beautifully, one besides the other, in an oval fashion, on the edge of the pendant.

You can also customise before you buy Hanuman pendant designs from BlueStone. Seek blessings of the Lord by wearing these exclusive pendants!

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