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Special Occasion Ring Designs for Every Special Occasion

Special occasions don’t come every day and that’s exactly why they are called so. But don’t think weddings, engagements, and other royal galas are not the only events that count for special occasions. The anniversary you enjoy in the comfort of your home, a holiday you plan with your friends, a local festival you observe with your family, an office party with colleagues or Valentine’s Day with your lover, and even a birthday you celebrate alone are special in their own unique way. BlueStone’s special occasion rings are for such moments and the artfully crafted pieces in your collection make even the most ordinary of events truly memorable. 

Special Occasion Ring Designs for Everlasting Moments

For some special moments, you need rings as a piece of ornament while for some others, rings are customary. Weddings and engagements fall under the second category and many soon-to-weds spend a lot of time choosing that tiny trinket they wear for the rest of their lives. BlueStone offers you a luxurious collection of wedding rings and engagement rings studded with diamonds and precious stones.

Add a wow factor to your wedding wows with our exquisitely crafted wedding rings that include the Caribou Ring and the Bijou Ring. The Fortuna Ring in gold and the Culaan Ring in white gold are the perfect pieces for women while men can adorn their fingers with the Masterstroke Ring or the Mentor Ring. For those who prefer couple bands, we have the Soulmate Ring for Him and the Soulmate Ring for Her.

For the lovers of the floral theme, we offer the Sunflower Royalty Ring and the Tranquil Hibiscus Ring. The Sublime Ring and the Charming Ring are the ideal picks for those who want to make their wedding a sparkling affair with solitaires. The wedding is the most colourful event in your life, so why not make it more colourful with our precious stone collection that includes the Dev Raj Ring and the Divya Prabha Ring?

Buy Special Occasion Rings Online for Your Anniversary

Wedding rings enjoy company. So if you marked the beginning of your marital bonding with a ring, gift your spouse another ring on your anniversary. You can buy special occasion ring designs from BlueStone to commemorate your journey together. Husbands out there, choose our Proud as a Peacock Ring to make her proud or the Simply Elegant Ring to add elegance to her beautiful fingers. The Sykstra Ring, a unique eternity ring featuring an unbroken line of sparkling diamonds, is ideal for anniversaries. The Eternal Serenade Ring is our modern take on the classic Cartier trinity ring and it makes for the perfect gift men can give their wives.

We have an enchanting collection of anniversary rings for men too. The Nawab Ring is a truly regal piece you can choose for your husband while the Marvel Ring will make him marvel at the craftsmanship behind the piece. The Master Class Ring is truly a class apart and nothing can be a better pick than our Destiny Ring to pay tribute to the destiny that brought you together.

Where’s the Party Tonight?

Somewhere down the road? On the dance floor? Or on the top floor of your apartment? It doesn’t matter where the party is as long as you make a grand entry and steal the show. With BlueStone’s party ring collection, all you need to do is to be at the receiving end of appreciation, glances, and envy. We are not asking for too much, are we?

Gorgeously oversized rings make for the perfect statement pieces you can wear to parties and our designers have crafted a trendy collection of cocktail ring designs for the party lover in you. Raise your wine glass and make a toast with our Bellini Ring. Your envious colleagues might forget your toast in a week’s time but the glitter of this ring will haunt them for a lifetime.

If you are going to a party where half the people are strangers to you, choose our Batida Ring or the Sangria Ring. They are excellent conversation starters. Both are made of 18kt white gold; the former features 160 sparkling diamonds while the latter has the glitter of 98 diamonds. Remember these details because people will be asking you many questions about the beauty that adorns your finger.

Make Every Occasion Special, Make Every Moment Count

With BlueStone offering exciting pieces of heart shaped rings, lovers have a reason to rejoice this Valentine’s Day. Choose our Nova Ring or Letizia Ring to surprise your love of your life with a piece of heart crafted in gold.

Are you planning a holiday in the beaches of Goa or the tranquil backwaters of Kerala? Sit back and enjoy your moments in style with our Ava Ring or Oyster Shell Ring shining on your fingers. After all, it is about holidaying in style.

What’s more? Our special occasion rings’ prices are so competitive that you would want special occasions to come more often. Don’t be sad if they don’t. If special occasions don’t come as frequently as you wish, pick any piece from your collection any day and viola, the ring will make your day special!

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