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Men's Anniversary Rings

The Man of Your Dreams and Ring for Him on Your Anniversary

The man who loves you and supports your decision, the one who stands with you through thick and thin and the man whose warmth keeps you happy, is the man you deserve. Your man is the best thing that ever happened to you. You have lived with him and loved him for years. How about expressing your heartfelt thanks with a gift he will cherish for life? Presenting the men's anniversary ring designs, a series designed for the man of your dreams. The series contains those special pieces of yellow and white gold that mark the occasion of your anniversary. Available in different patterns and styles, there is something that every man desires. Check out our men's anniversary rings price across categories and invest in the one best suited for your anniversary.

The Love Bands: Buy Men's Anniversary Ring Designs from BlueStone

Begging to differ from the usual fancy rings are the gold bands cuffed in simplicity or wrapped in different stones and designs. The collection at BlueStone has both white and gold versions and has some of the best men's anniversary ring designs in the range. Basic and simplistic patterns of gold and diamond can be found in the Felix Ring, the Circe Ring for Him, the Texere Ring, the Kayon Ring and the Rikas Ring. These are perfect for daily wear owing to the simplicity of their designs. We have bands that are chunky yet classy. These bands are thicker than their simple counterparts and features intricate patterns. Explore the intricate charm of the Legendary Ring and the Soulmate Ring for Him or the golden conglomerate of the Czar's Ring and the Quest Ring. Other variants include the Stellar Ring and the Ishaan Ring.

Glimmer and Shimmer in Love

Basking in the radiance of sparkling stones are the rings that have diamonds or their colourful gemstones companions nestled in their exteriors. Scan through the complete range and buy men's anniversary rings online from bluestone.

Away from fancy colours and complex patterns is a range comprising of small diamond specs atop the ring or containing a cluster of diamonds. Examples of meek definitions include the Felix Ring, the Masterstroke Ring, and the Riam Ring for Him, while the sparkling clusters can be seen in the Marvel Ring, the Master Class Ring, the Boulevard Ring and the Grand Master Ring. Besides these, there are the prominent ones like the Casanova Ring, the Reverant Luxury Ring, and the Garret Ring.

An anniversary ring collection is incomplete without rings set in rubies. Skilfully designed and well-presented are the Supremo Ring, the Charming Prince Ring, the Nawab Ring, the Emperor Ring, the Patrician’s Ring and the Vintage Style Ring. Our collection also features coloured stones such as blue, green and a blend of colours. Check the likes of emeralds in the Magician’s Ring and the Gratitude Ring, and blue sapphire in the Excellence Ring. If you are looking for navratna stones, check out the Tri Netra Ring. What’s your favourite stone?

Of Blends and Bends: Buy Men's Anniversary Rings Online

This collection is a tad different from the ones mentioned earlier. It consists of designs that are ridged or bent to form different shapes than the usual. Buy men's anniversary ring designs at Bluestone from this unique series. 

We have ring designs that feature the perfect fusion of yellow and white gold. Choose from the Undaunted Ruler Ring, the Heroic Soldier Ring, the Confident Male Ring, the Profound Love Band for Him, the Firm and Swanky Ring, the Leonardo Ring, the Victor Ring and the noble Man Ring. An intricate network of the gold metal and diffused patterns with other stones make for the best ridges in the category. Here are a few examples – the Ciara Ring for Him, the Citadel Ring, the Dauntless Ruler Ring, the Sovereign Ruler Ring, the Path to Success Ring and the Perfectionist’s Ring.

There is more to explore. Take your time, go through the range at the comfort of your home and buy a ring that your man will love.

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