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Men’s Special Occasion Rings: To Him, with Love 

This season it’s all about the man – supporting him, appreciating him and more so, gifting him. As a means to break all barriers associated with fashion for men, the focus is now on him. It’s all about the man making it to salons, getting his face cleaned up, manicuring his nails and primping his hair. With the fashion scene only getting bigger for men, there has been a great deal of focus on his demands as well. Catering to his requirement of accessories, the jewellery sphere has been booming with special designs for men, specially, finger rings that are made in various styles including those with stones or without stones to chunky rings or clasped bands. A perfect time to gift him the ring of he deserves would be on a special occasion and this is exactly what men's special occasion ring designs are all about.

The Simple and the Elegant: Buy Men's Special Occasion Ring Designs

The best things are the simple elements of life, the easiest sources of happiness and the basic swatches of designs. Maintaining the simple and elegant tone of the finger rings for men are designs without any stones or extra studs. They have no colour pops or distinct noticeable patterns, but easily make for the most graceful ones. They can be gifted for an engagement, anniversary or any other festivity. There are basic patterns with smoothened edges like the Soulmate Ring for Him, the Dauntless Ruler Ring, the Pinnacle Ring and the Ganesha Benevolence Ring. These sophisticated rings easily qualify for special occasions. Try the styles that have gold blended with white finishes like the Heroic Soldier Ring, the Noble Man Ring, and the Leonardo Ring. Check out the men's special occasion rings’ prices from the styles you filter and pick the one that suits him the most.

The Perfect Colour Play: Buy Men's Special Occasion Rings Online

While on one hand there are simple designs, on the other hand, there are those that speak out loud. BlueStone offers men's special occasion ring designs in a range of alluring gemstones. These rings work well for parties, cocktail evenings or family festivals. Rings in rubies with or without diamonds are seen in abundance. Choose from the Supremo Ring, the Charming Prince Ring, the Patrician’s Ring, the Vintage Style Ring, the Nawab Ring and the Emperor Ring. The other gorgeous pieces are emerald studded including the Gratitude Ring and the Magician’s Ring. We have crafted a stunning ring with exotic blue sapphire - the Excellence Ring.

Combining the power of nine gemstones in one is the navratna range of rings for men, namely emerald, diamond, yellow sapphire, cat’s eye, blue sapphire, hessonite, coral, ruby, and pearl. Having the nine stones arranged in clusters or parallel forms are the Tri Netra Ring, the Dev Raj Ring, the Raj Darpan Ring and the Vidhata Aakar Ring. They are worn by most people as a sign of spiritual or religious sentiment, though many of them wear it for the fusion of different colours and stones. Take a look at the entire range and pick the one that best suits your man’s style.

Diamonds Galore: Buy Men's Special Occasion Rings Online

Diamonds are as important and dear to men as they are to women. Buy men's special occasion ring designs from the exquisite collection at BlueStone. Some of the most magnificent pieces are infested with diamonds. These gorgeous cuts include the Business Magnate Ring, the Mogul Ring, the Grand Master Ring, The Marvel Ring, the Boulevard Ring and the Master Class Ring. Some of them like to go a little easy in the diamond front and like a single stud to do all the talking. Here’s a range just for the lot – the Quest Ring, the Firm and Swanky Ring, the Garret Ring and the Divine Trishool Ring for Him. Another common design is the one with three diamond specs. These can be seen in the Genesis Ring, the Czar’s Ring and the Hardy Boys Ring, while those forming criss-cross or linear patterns with diamonds are the Casanova Ring, the Sparkle of Love Ring for Him, the Steallar Ring and the Royal and Resolute Ring amongst many others. 

Take a look at our entire range from the comfort of your home and buy the one that fits the man in your life. Our exchange policy is simple and hassle free. So do not worry too much about ‘the what if he doesn’t like it’ situation. Have a good time shopping with us.

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