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Weekend Jewellery

Weekend Jewellery Designs for the Weekend Gala

Ah, weekends! Is there anything more melodious than that very word? We doubt it! From catching up on pending sleep to binge-watching the latest series, from partying with friends to picnicking with family, weekends mean different things to different people. Planned weekends are sweet while those unplanned are sweeter. Whether you intend to attend a party or host one at your house, have a coffee with your friends or shop till you drop, enjoy a nice dinner with your partner or join the alumni meet of your college friends, you need the right kind of accessories and jewellery to glam up your laid-back look. You need not try hard or desperate to look your best on weekends. We, at BlueStone, have got your covered with our weekend jewellery designs.

Buy Weekend Jewellery Designs to Glam Yourself Up

The kind of jewellery you wear to weekend parties and events should be different from your conventional and everyday collections. You need something chic and trendy; something that takes you from feeling okay to feeling extraordinary; something that helps you stand out rather than blend in; something that captures the true spirit of weekends. Such pieces are hard to find in the traditional collections of offline jewellers and that’s why you should buy weekend jewellery online from the eclectic collection of BlueStone that includes earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, and much more.

What’s more? With our fabulous range of weekend jewellery designs, you need not limit your options to gold ornaments. We have breathtakingly classy pieces made of white gold and unconventionally fantastic items in rose gold to give your laid-back moments some additional sparkle. From plain gold ornaments to jewellery studded with diamonds and precious stones, from simple and elegant pieces to spectacularly oversized cocktail jewellery, we have it all. Just name it and you will have it.

Stand out in Style with BlueStone’s Party Jewellery Designs

For the modern man and woman, the word weekend is almost synonymous with parties and get-togethers. It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating your weekend with a group of close friends, colleagues, or family, you should be wearing the perfect pieces of jewellery that place you where the eyeballs fall.

For those who want to party in style, we have the Rayla Ring, the Equerre Earrings, and the Qaudra Pedant, all of which are made of gold and studded with sparkling diamonds. Or you can choose our Daring Femme Ring and match it with the Daring Femme earrings and pendant to complete the look.

For the lovers of white gold, we offer an exciting range of jewellery that includes the Proud as Peacock Ring, the Triton Pendant, the Forever Rose Earrings, and the Heirra Bangle, among many others. If you prefer the whimsical and unconventional appeal of rose gold to make your weekends a charming affair, choose from our Salient Floral Ring, Delicate Dahlia Pendant, or Temperate Tulip Earrings. They not only enhance your style quotient but also double as great conversation starters. Just be sure to team them with complementing outfits and accessories and you are good to go like a true fashionista!

But Weekend Jewellery Designs and Dine Daintily

Are you planning to spend the weekend with your partner over a dinner and a movie afterward? Or a family dinner at your parents’ place? Worry not, we have got you covered! Be it a casual dinner or fine dining, our exquisite collection of weekend jewellery will make it a memorable experience. How about spending your special moments with a bit of yellow glitter and a lot of sparkle? Choose from our exciting display of diamond jewellery, including Stuti Earrings, the Nabha Ring, and the New Beginning Pendant.

A romantic weekend calls for special ornaments designed just for that. If you want to make your moments glaringly romantic, pick any piece from our heart jewellery that includes the Entwined in Love Pendant and the Letizia Earrings. The Infinity Earring in white gold and the Greshma Heart Pendant in rose gold are also some of the fast-moving pieces in our weekend jewellery collection.

Jewellery that Makes Your Weekends Special

Weekends are not just about parties, dinners, and get-togethers. Even the most ordinary of your weekends can be transformed into a truly remarkable one with BlueStone’s weekend jewellery designs. The Mave Pendant and the Quilo Earrings will give your relaxed moments a special charm while you can choose the Daffodil Lattice Ring and the Doris Earrings to go with the festive air.

Maybe, you have nothing special to do on the weekend other than going out with your friends or family for a routine shopping. But that shouldn’t stop you from feeling special. We have simple and elegant pieces to make you feel special even on a tiring shopping spree. The Regina Butterfly Earrings and the Regina Butterfly Ring are excellent pieces of craftsmanship and what better way to celebrate your weekend freedom than by wearing these butterfly-shaped ornaments? Choose our Neepa Pendant or Ava Earrings if you are planning a weekend getaway to a sandy beach or verdant mountains.

Who said weekends are only for women? Menfolk out there, you can make your relaxed moments stylish with our specially crafted pieces that include the Claire Pendant, the Ramirus Stud for Him, and the Radulf Stud for Him. Our weekend jewellery prices are so affordable that you wouldn’t want the weekend to be over, ever.

Haven’t got anything planned this weekend? Order some food, switch on your laptop, browse through our weekend jewellery collection, and get yourself a beautiful piece of jewellery. That will make your weekend, for sure!

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