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Wear the Mark of Magnificence with Butterfly Jewellery Designs

Yes, butterflies! Those mesmeric, delicate creatures fluttering around, wrapped in blithe beauty. Aren’t they quite a treat to the eyes? The butterfly may look fragile, but there is nothing fragile about this tiny critter except for its appearance. It is the epitome of strength and stamina; a symbol of metamorphosis; a mark of freedom. It embodies the spirit of rising above one's battles, dipped in grace and elegance. Think you can relate to it?

Does it still surprise you that we, at BlueStone have chosen this universally appealing symbol to make a fine collection of jewellery? Our butterfly jewellery designs include rings, pendants, earrings, and other ornaments crafted to perfection in yellow, white, and rose gold. These pieces abound in beauty and symbolism; they will not only deck you in tenderness but also speak of your vigour underneath.

Nature has always been the greatest source of inspiration to jewellery makers. From the scarab beetles featured in the ancient Egyptian jewellery to the elephant motif you find in Indian ornaments, jewellery makers from all periods and cultures incorporated animal motifs into jewellery. The butterfly motif is no exception.

A Hellenistic necklace from the second century BCE is the earliest known ornament that featured the butterfly motif. It was taken to a whole new level by jewellers of the Victorian period who used the en tremblant technique to make stunning pieces of butterfly jewellery, such as brooches. The Art Nouveau period saw a revival of interest in this motif when jewellers combined the butterfly theme with floral patterns to make beautiful neck ornaments and other forms of jewellery. Today, butterflies are among the most cherished motifs in the world of jewellery.

Buy Butterfly Jewellery Designs Studded with Pearls

On a symbolic note, the pearl and the butterfly complement each other. The butterfly signifies endurance that comes with overcoming hardships or embracing changes and pearls are considered to be a symbol of wisdom. Together, they conspire to make chic, classy, and contemporary jewellery patterns which sure have a thing or two to say about the person who wears them.

Blessed with an intricate pattern, the Susan Butterfly Earrings are crafted to the point of perfection. Crafted in 18kt gold, they are designed to dazzle with the luminance of the pearls and the diamonds fed into them. When paired with spotlessly white attire, they add elegance and mysticism to your appearance. Adding the Butterfly Line Necklace, a diamond and white pearl neckpiece in 18kt gold could step up your eloquence by several, unimaginable folds.

Fancy something unconventional, quirky, and whimsical? You are sure to find what you are looking for in our rose gold butterfly jewellery. The Adriana Butterfly Earrings and the Eva Butterfly Earrings combine the beauty of rose gold, the radiance of pearls, and the sparkle of diamonds all in one piece. To keep the charm of butterflies close to your heart, figuratively as well as literally, choose our Tara Heart Necklace.

Of Rubies and Sapphires: Buy Butterfly Jewellery Online

Apart from pearls, the ruby and the sapphire seem to be just the gemstones required for adorning butterfly jewellery designs. The Pretty Butterfly Earrings for Kids make for a fascinating example. Studded with pink sapphires, they do look mesmeric. When paired with the Pretty Butterfly Pendant for Kids, together they make a remarkable combination. If your little princess at home has a thing for butterflies, then this duo is the perfect gift you can choose for her on her birthday.

The Anna Butterfly Pendent and the Sara Butterfly Earrings both embody the chic style and the fabulous fashion which is often true of refined jewellery designs. Thanks to the blood-red ruby stones that give them their breath-taking dazzle, these pieces are among the hotcakes in our collection. Take a closer look at the Caipiroska Earrings and you will know that they are no different. In addition to rubies and yellow sapphires, these 18kt gold earrings have the sparkle of diamonds to boast of.

Styling up Different Occasions with Butterfly Jewellery Designs

When you buy butterfly jewellery designs online at BlueStone, our exhaustive array can make you go a bit fuzzy in the head, making you wonder what to choose and what not to. To help you out there, here are our two cents.

The Rae Butterfly Earrings look best when clubbed with your work attire. These diamond earrings made of 18kt rose gold have the full potential to deck your work avatar with ultimate grace. Pair them up with the Cynthia Butterfly Pendant to keep things stylish. And the Pehro Ring made of 18kt white gold and studded with shimmering diamonds has a knack for sparkling things up just in case you are stuck with the Monday Blues at work.

Save the Piyu Front Back Earrings for your joyous weekends. These 18kt gold detachable earrings sport a floral design and the iridescence of diamonds. Surely, these fashion-forward earrings can kindle some brilliant sparks when paired with a posh, elegant dress. You can team them with the Vivian Butterfly Pendant, for some extra flair.

Reserve the Shipra Butterfly Earrings and the Maxima Butterfly Pendant for a very special occasion, and maybe with a very special person? They are tempting enough to woo any amount of attention and give you a definite edge when you dress to impress.

Well, now that you have had a sneak peek into our butterfly jewellery collection, here’s what you can do. Explore the length and breadth our display, go through the butterfly jewellery prices while touring through our website, and buy that piece of marvel that pull the strings of your heart. Gear up for an exciting online shopping experience with BlueStone.

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