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Give Wings to Your Style with Butterfly Pendant Designs

Every woman needs a piece of jewellery that symbolises her free-spiritedness; a tiny twinkle that touches her heart with its timeless beauty; a piece of gold that celebrates her transition in life as a wonderful human being. Are you looking for that perfect piece of ornament that takes your fashion quotient to new heights? Then, let it be something with wings. Let it be a beautiful butterfly. Let it be a lovely butterfly pendant. Take a glance at the butterfly pendant designs available at BlueStone and those beautiful pieces are enough to make your hearts flutter with excitement and joy. Whether it is a simple golden design or one sparkling with diamonds and precious stones, a butterfly on your neck adds to your whimsical charm.

The winged history of butterfly jewellery designs

Motifs and themes inspired by nature found expressions in jewellery since ancient times and their symbolic values changed from one culture to another. Such symbols were not limited to flowers, leaves, or foliage; bugs, birds, and animals also were some of the recurring motifs in the world of ancient jewellery making. The earliest known piece of jewellery that made use of the butterfly symbol was a Hellenistic necklace belonging to the second century BCE. Different cultures associated different meanings to the butterfly symbol starting from life and growth to transition and grace. In many Asian cultures, the butterfly was a symbol of love and it is often associated with soul in Christianity.

Coming to the modern times, brooches and ornaments made in the shape of butterflies were popular in Europe during the Victorian period. The jewellers of the Victorian age used the en tremblant technique to mount jewel studded butterflies on ornaments using tiny springs. A charming feature of such pieces was that the wings fluttered as if the butterfly was alive. The motif was used widely on neck ornaments and other pieces of jewellery during the Art Nouveau period too. Once entered the world of jewellery, the butterfly motif captured the fancy of designers. Today, jewellery makers create highly imaginative and fanciful pieces of butterfly pendants using different materials, colours, and in highly decorative patterns.

A butterfly on your neck: Buy butterfly pendant designs online

Today, you can buy butterfly pendants online and choose from the mind-blowing collections of many leading jewellery stores like BlueStone. The shape of the butterfly is quite ideal for creating a wide range of expressive and contemporary designs. Moreover, the wings of the butterfly serve as the perfect palette where designers can make a creative and artistic display of diamonds and colourful gemstones. Plain gold or white gold, butterfly pendants with intricate patterns are as popular as diamond studded pendants and gemstone studded pendants. Some designs also feature flowers, leaves, or other floral elements to give the pattern a more decorative as well as realistic appeal.

The eternal beauty of butterfly pendant designs

BlueStone’s collection contains butterfly pendant designs made in 18kt gold and rose gold. These designs are our contemporary and creative take on the classic butterfly motif and they exhibit beauty as well as craftsmanship. The Maxima Butterfly Pendant and the Cyntia Butterfly Pendant are exquisitely crafted for the lovers of rose gold and they feature a diamond studded butterfly plated with rhodium. The Anna Butterfly Pendant, another popular item in our collection, has a butterfly made of rose gold etched on a flower made with red rubies. The white beauty of the pearl used in the pendant adds to its elegance and charm.

The Caipiroska Pendant, a dual butterfly pendant in gold, features two butterflies made with diamond, ruby, and yellow sapphire. Those who fancy wearing glittery wings on their neck can go for the Vivian Butterfly Pendant, which is made of gold and studded with diamonds.

Buy butterfly pendant designs for your little butterflies

Does your daughter’s heart leap with joy every time she sees a butterfly fluttering in the garden? Get her a butterfly pendant and see her face gleaming with excitement. BlueStone’s collection includes the Pretty Butterfly Pendant for Kids which is made in 18kt gold and studded with pink sapphire. The Butterfly Banter Pendant for Kids is another popular item in the collection and your daughter can team it with the Butterfly Banter Earrings to complete the look.

At BlueStone we understand that the joy of wearing a golden butterfly is priceless and that’s why we keep our butterfly pendants’ prices within a highly attractive range. Catching a butterfly might be a tough task, but with our mind-blowing collection at your disposal, getting a butterfly pendant has never been easier!

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