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18k Jewellery: Graceful Ornaments Designed to Dazzle

When you set out to buy gold jewellery, you are sure to come across a variety of pieces made of gold of different purities. Of all of them, 18 karat gold jewellery provides the right balance between purity and durability. Our fine 18k jewellery is handcrafted to perfection by expert craftsmen who create a wide range of stunning earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, and bangles for women and a variety of jewellery for men too. Whether you like plain gold jewellery or pieces studded with precious or semi-precious stones, you will be spoilt for choice when you buy 18k jewellery online at BlueStone.

All About 18kt Gold: Useful Trivia for Purchasing Gold

There has been a lot of confusion amongst gold buyers in terms of its purity and the unit of its purity. Let’s put an end to that. First, the unit of the purity of gold is Karat and not Carat. Second, 100 per cent gold is never used to make jewellery. Even the next level of purity, 99.9 per cent pure or 24kt gold, is also not used for making jewellery as it is prone to wear and tear, scratches, deformation, and breakage due to pure gold’s highly ductile nature. Would you want to pay all your money for the purity and end up with jewellery that’s not going to last you a lifetime? No, right? That’s where the next levels of purity come into the picture.

Pure gold is treated with parts of a variety of other metals, such as nickel, palladium, zinc, etc., to give strength and stability to gold. 18kt gold contains 75 per cent pure gold and is the best purity to make a wide range of shapes and sizes of jewellery. 18kt is also the best purity to work with while making diamond studded jewellery as it has the strength to hold heavy stones, such as diamonds and other gemstones. Many a time, the purity is mentioned as a three-digit number on the jewellery. When you buy 18k jewellery designs, the number you should find is 750, representing 75 per cent purity.

Gold is Not Always Yellow: Different Colours of 18kt Gold Jewellery

A common notion around gold is that if it’s pure then it has to be yellow. In reality, gold with 18kt purity can have a plethora of different colours — the most common colours are white and rose gold. While with the reducing purity the natural yellow colour of gold becomes less bright, the change in colour can also be achieved by mixing in a variety of alloys that lend the desired colour to gold.

White gold is created by mixing silver or nickel and manganese or palladium with pure gold. Jewellery made with white gold is coated with rhodium for an unmatched sheen. Similarly, rose gold is obtained by mixing pure gold with copper and addition of more copper results in a redder colour. There are a variety of pieces in our collection that have dual tones too. These are the epitome of creativity that you’ll find only when you look for jewellery at BlueStone.

Exquisite 18k Gold Jewellery Designs Handcrafted for You

Flaunt your love of jewellery with our 18k gold jewellery collection that’s great for both everyday use as well as for special occasions. Browse our assortment of gorgeous pieces to find the stunning Stuti Earrings that lend a feminine charm and elegance with an edge. These beauties feature a flower silhouette and are studded with multiple diamonds, all neatly arranged to dazzle you on the first look itself. The Rose Lattice Ring has a mesh-like lattice in the shape of a flower with swirls of diamonds around a central stone.

The Roksana Jhumkas have what it takes to elevate your look. Multiple chain-link chains drop down from the main diamond studded earrings, finished with golden goblets at the base of each chain. The Ramos Earrings prove the old adage that good things come in small packages. They are small and simple studs with multiple tiny, sparkling diamonds studded on a white gold base taking its sophistication to the next level. The Ezio Ring for Men features a gold band with coloums of studded diamonds. These and a lot more exquisite pieces are available for you to buy at competitive 18k jewellery price.

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