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18K Rings: The Undying Sparkle

18K ring designs come in different shapes and patterns. They differ in their finish, polish and complementary stones. With endless functions and celebrations lined up all year round, you find plenty of options at BlueStone in both yellow and white gold. Whatever may be your occasions or requirements, we have an 18K ring for you. Explore our range and buy everything that captures your attention.

18K Ring Designs: Of Diamonds and Gemstone

If it is a ring, it has to be a diamond ring. This is what many women believe in and swear by. If you love diamonds on your rings, check out the bright sparkle of the Caribouh Ring, the Leah Ring, the Bijou Ring, the Perho Ring and the Morning Glory Band. For him, there is the Grand Master Ring, the Royal and Resolute Ring, the Masterstroke Ring and the Divine Union Ring for Him.

Gemstones such as sapphires, topazes, emeralds and amethysts never cease to fancy jewellery lovers. Take a look at some of the exquisite pieces studded with gemstones. The collection includes the Skyyn Ring, the Rhyah Ring, the Flavia Ring, the Crown Chakra Rig, the Ayusha Ring and the Regal Trinity Ring. There are exquisitely crafted pieces for men too. You can choose from the Modern Royalty Ring, the Vintage Style Ring, the Patrician’s Ring and the Gratitude Ring.

For Those in Love: Buy 18K Rings Online from BlueStone

From engagement rings to anniversary rings, we have rings that suit your celebration. Before buying, go through our range, check out the 18K rings prices and buy something that fits your budget.

We have a stunning collection of couple bands. This series comprises of gold bands that couples like to wear complementary to each other. It could be for a special celebration, their love anniversary or simply to mark their togetherness. Some of the exquisite pieces from the series are the Riam Ring for Him, the Ezio Ring for Him, the Dual Sonata Ring for Him, the Niamh Ring for Him. For the religiously inclined we have the Divine Trishool Ring for Him. Here’s a quick look at some of the beautiful couple band designs for women. The range consists of the Aphaea Ring for Her, the Antoine Ring for Her, the Ezio Ring for Her, the Layla Ring and the Profound Love Band for Her.

If you are looking for an engagement ring, choose from simplistic patterns like the Enigmatic Overture Ring for Her and the Agneiz Ring or the groovy patterns of the Sylvia Ring and the Eavan Ring. Those looking for intense designs can opt for the Eela Ring, the Hiral Ring, the Proud as a Peacock Ring or the Suneha Ring. The Proud as a Peacock Ring is made of white gold while others are crafted from gold. For the man of your dreams, buy the Master Class Ring, the Boulevard Ring, the Royal and Resolute Ring or the Antoine Ring for Him. 

To mark the completion of a few months or years of together, most couples indulge in buying intricate pieces of jewellery and bold rings. While the Angiex Ring, the Nayelle Ring, and the Felisa Ring are best buys for the woman, the Robust Noble Ring, the Marvel Ring and the Destiny Ring are great buys for him. Buy 18k ring designs from these or other collections.

Contrasting Hues of Life: Workwear and Party Wear

Let’s discuss the contrasting colours of life - work and parties. After a week of hard work, don’t you like to unwind at parties over the weekend? Our collection consists of workwear rings as well as trendy party rings.

These minimal and simplistic pieces consist of basic bands with a single stud or strip of diamonds or gemstones, such as the Moonlight Kiss Band, the Gentle Tulip Ring, the Flourishing Floret Ring, the Ilaria Ring, the Little Blossom Ring and the Parnella Trinity Ring. These rings are ideal for making a statement at your workplace.

Bold and beautiful pieces such as the Exquisite Tulip Ring, the Daffodil Lattice Ring, the Bryttani Ring, the Sollaris Ring, the Gulbahar Ring and the Sylvan Lattice Ring are party essentials with beautiful gold weaves, interlacing patterns and a combination of stone and gold. The Exquisite Tulip Ring is made of rose gold.

There is more to explore. Take a closer look at each piece and buy the one that suits you the best. If you wish to try the rings on before you buy, opt for our home try-on facility. Our executives will bring them home for you to try on. Worry not, you do not have to buy them if you do not like them.

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