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Gold Band Rings: Emblems of Romance and Symbols of Eternity

There has to be something about rings if we have a finger dedicated to them, right? Humanity’s love affair with rings, especially gold rings, goes back to ancient times. They have much symbolism — from signs of nobility and timeless pieces of jewellery to ornaments signifying immortal love. And the best part? Unlike many other ornaments, men love gold band rings as much as women do. That’s a win-win for all. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you buy gold band rings online.

History of Gold Bands: Of antiquity and tradition

The magical appeal of rings is surrounded by legends that developed more than four millennia ago. Decorative finger rings have been around since 2,500 B.C. and were discovered in tombs during archealogical excavation in Ur in the ancient Near East. The functional signet ring inscribed with the sign or name of the owner was developed as a symbol of class and aristrocracy along with purely ornamental rings. Then there were ritual rings, believed to be of religious and magical power or of state significance, that remind us of antiquity.

The evolution of rings and their history in the middle ages and during the Renaissance is remarkably rich. It was common for people at all levels to wear one or more rings on any finger. And they were sometimes worn over gloves. Medieval paintings and sculptures also suggest that rings were worn on thumbs, on upper joints of fingers, on chains worn around the neck, and also on cords hung from hats. Such was the popularity of rings.

Gold rings never go out of fashion: Check the BlueStone Collection

While everyday materials and precious metals were used to create rings of bronze, silver, glass, or carved stones, such as lapis lazuli or carnelian, the most valuable rings were always made of gold. Today, the fashion for gold rings persists, and it does for all the right reasons. BlueStone has an exquisite collection of gold rings — plain bands, bands with intricate designs, rings studded with one or multiple diamonds, rings combined with white gold, and a lot more.

BlueStone Gold Band Ring Designs to say ‘I Do’

If you’ve been wondering how to propose to the love of your life in an extra special way or how to make your engagement truly memorable, then you will find an answer in BlueStone’s gold band ring collection. How about saying ‘I do’ and declaring your love with a ring that has the word ‘Together Always’ carved on it? Or one that says ‘Je t’aime’ to bind your love in French? BlueStone’s collection of couple bands, engagement rings, and wedding rings include masterpieces such as the Courtney Ring, the Darea Band, and the Jillian Ring for Her and the Soulmate Ring, the Divine Bond Ring, and the Absolute Bond Ring for Him, among many others. There’s nothing like symbolising your endless love with a gorgeous love band.

Intricate Gold Band Ring Designs with unmatched perfection

What you wear reveals oodles about your personality. If you’re someone who loves sophistication, then get ready to be swooned by BlueStone’s collection of intricately carved designs. Take for example the Kara Ring. Its twisted rope design carved out on 18kt gold and accented with an overlapping bow of diamonds is an epitome of elegance. At the same time, the Woven Glory Ring redefines band ring design with its woven detail on 22 kt gold. The Niamh Ring for him and her is just another one of the many designs that will have your mouth watering and your fingers craving for these stunning gold beauties.

Your search to buy gold band rings online ends at BlueStone

Whether you love simplicity or sophistication, adorn your love and style on your fingers with rings from BlueStone. The wide range of designs that we offer and our competitive gold band ring price makes us one of the most loved amongst jewellery lovers and fashionistas alike. You can buy rings based on the purity of gold used to make them —14kt, 18kt, or 22kt — the purity of the glittering diamonds studded on them, or their overall uniqueness. Whatever your reason, you can be sure that you’ll get the best gold band ring out there. After all, every ring tells a story. Discover yours with a beautiful gold band ring from BlueStone.

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