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Gold Couple Band Rings

Gold Couple Band Rings: You Belong With Me

Gold rings that scream togetherness as a couple are inevitable buys for the ones in love. The jewellery industry has seen an increasing trend in couple bands. This is because they like to twin it up and buy the same pieces for him and her, flaunting identical pieces together. This message is conveyed through jewellery, more so, through couple rings in the form of simple bands or those studded with diamonds or coloured gemstones. Irrespective of the design and colour, gold couple band ring designs are here to stay. The designers at BlueStone bring to you stunning couple band designs made of gold. Here is a sneak peak into some of the trending pieces.

From Simple Patterns to Intricate Designs

At BlueStone, we have couple bands that appeal to everyone’s sensibility. Some of our designs are simple yet elegant while some others feature intricate patterns. Some of the most basic and simple ring designs, without any complicated tweaks or complicated patterns include the Purette Ring for Him, the Soulmate Ring for Her, the Aphaea Ring for Her and the Clasped Band for Her. These are minimalistic and can qualify for daily wear and work wear as well. Choose from the intricate patterns of the Ciara Ring for Him, the Niamh Ring for Him or the Kyna Ring for Her. These designs have small diamond studs amidst a full-circle network of interlacing gold strings. They are relatively fancy and can be worn to parties or special functions. The netted pattern adds the zing to any dressy outfit needs.

One Not Enough: Buy Gold Couple Band Ring Designs from BlueStone

BlueStone offers a variety of designs for the seekers of couple bands. Buy gold couple band rings online from our extensive range of plain bands, imprinted varieties and unique designs. We know that it takes two to tango. With the couple bands in the picture, there are explicit pieces designed for both him and her. Take a look at the carefully laid, double layered rings like the Double Sonata Ring for Him and the Double Sonata Ring for Her. How can we not talk about diamonds? Let’s look at designs that feature diamonds in linear arrangements. They break the monotony of gold at regular intervals or can be found as a single line right at the centre such as the Ezio Ring for Her, the Hera Ring for Him and the Circe Ring for Him.

Say It Loud: Buy Gold Couple Band Rings Online

Making bold statements and sparkling bright are a few rings that make heads turn. They can conveniently be called the bold and beautiful lot of the rings.

If you like bold and beautiful designs, we have plenty of options for you. Our collection contains bold patterns like the Divine Trishool ring for Him. This ring is ideal for the religiously inclined yet fashion conscious men. Basking in diamonds are the Hera Ring for Her, the Antoine Ring for Her, and the Profound Love Band for Her. Couple bands with red and shiny specs include the Tony Ring for Him and the Layla Ring designed for the woman.

If you love saying it with words, then the Darea Band for Her and the Maurice Band for Him are the best ways of saying Je T’aime or ‘I love you’ in French. With these words inscribed on the ring, there is no better way of expressing your feelings and staying connected as two.

Couple Band Designs: Of Dots and Dashes

A catchy pattern of a few dots or dash-like lines can be seen in the arrangement of diamonds. A quick look at the series is sure to make you want to buy at least one from the lot. Scan through the gold couple band rings price on the site and pick ones that match your expectation. Looking at the Purette Ring for Her, the Divine Union Ring for Him, the Unio Ring for Her and the Clasped band for him, one can easily figure out the beauty hidden in its simplicity of the dot-like diamond studs.Imitating small dashes are the hyphenated diamond designs of the Apollo Ring for Him, the Antoine Ring for Him and the Ezio Ring for Him. The range consists of lines of diamonds or studs that are evenly spaced out through the ring.

You have only got a glimpse of what we have in store. Browse through the range and find out the bands that bond you forever.

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