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Gold Engagement Couple Band Rings

Gold Engagement Couple Band Rings

Find the One… Check… Talk to the Parents… Check… Get her to say yes…. Check… Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring…. Errrr, do you need a little help?

The highlight of an engagement party is the exchange of rings between the groom to be and bride-to-be. An engagement ring is not just any other piece of jewellery. This symbolizes your intent to take this relationship to the next step. For this reason, many couples like to buy matching rings, which are also known as couple bands. At BlueStone, we offer a wide variety of gold engagement couple band ring designs for men and women. When you found the match made in heaven, why not announce it to the world with matching rings. So, here’s to you, our beautiful collection of couple bands made of the classic gold.

Couple Bands – A Rising Trend

Couple bands are increasing in popularity these days and why not! They are beautiful, symbolic, and above all, allow couples to express their love in a unique way. To put in simply, these are bands with matching designs for men and women. Typically, the male and the female variants of the band feature the similar designs. They may differ in the amount of gold, the number of diamonds, or the size of diamonds used, though.

Take, for instance, the Hera Ring for Him. Made of 18kt gold, this ring is a diamond-studded version of the classic band design with 8 sparkling diamonds. The Hera Ring for Her has the same design except that the amount of gold used to make it is almost half compared to its male variant. There is a difference in the size and the number of diamonds too. Yet, together, they make a matching pair a couple can exchange on their engagement day.

What Makes Gold Engagement Rings Popular?

When it comes to engagement rings, many people prefer to buy gold engagement couple band rings designs. However, this wasn’t always the case. Ancient Romans used rings made of iron as engagement rings. This symbolised permanence and strength. Gold rings were endorsed only in the 9th century. The amount of gold used in the ring and its purity were believed to signify the groom’s wealth and ability to take care of his bride to be.

As time passed, the designs of these rings became more intricate and began to include gemstones as well. The first diamond-studded gold engagement ring was gifted by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to his fiancée Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Since then, a diamond ring like the Aphaea Ring for Her is something every girl has dreamt of.

What about Engagement Rings for Men?

War brings about a number of changes. The Second World War was fought in the mid-1900s. As the war went on, soldiers found themselves far from their loved ones for long stretches of time. As a reminder of their fiancés and their commitment to their relationships, they too began wearing engagement rings. Today, engagement rings are so popular that we created an entire range of masculine designs. As compared to engagement rings for women, these rings are broader and bolder.

Finding the Best Gold Engagement Couple Band Rings

When you buy gold engagement couple band rings online, you must keep a number of factors in mind. This includes your personality, your budget etc. If you like designs that are simple and elegant the Clasped Band for Him and the Clasped Band for Her are ideal designs. They both feature a simple band design with a round diamond right in the centre. Alternatively, you could skip the diamonds and go for a regal look with the Soulmate Ring for Him and the Soulmate Ring for Her. A perfect choice for couples who want to keep glitter and bling to a minimum!

Some designs are classics and always popular. The eternity band is one such design. This can be described as a ring that features a continuous band of diamonds. The Antoine Ring for Her and the Antoine Ring for Him are beautiful examples of this style. The Antoine rings feature round cut diamonds but if you like something more contemporary, take a look at the Circe Ring for Him and the Circe Ring for Her with princess cut diamonds.

Matching Budgets to Designs

Our gold engagement couple band rings collection caters to a wide budget range. The price of a ring depends on the amount of gold used, the purity of gold and the characteristics of the diamonds used on it. All three of these factors play an important role. For example, the Niamh Ring for Her may use more gold than the Ezio Ring for Her but has a lower price. This is because the latter has many more diamonds. At the same time, though the Ezio Ring for Him has more diamonds than the Aphaea Ring for Him, the latter is more expensive. This is because the solitary diamond on the Aphaea Ring for Him is much larger than those used on the Ezio Ring for Him.

The good news is that these rings can be customised to suit your budget. For example, you may love couple band rings in our collection, but may find them a little beyond your budget. This is where the gold purity value comes in to play. These rings are typically made of 22kt or 18kt gold. However, they can also be made in 14kt gold. By choosing the latter, you can significantly reduce gold engagement couple band rings prices. You can also customise the colour and clarity of the diamonds used on your rings.

How to Buy Gold Engagement Couple Band Rings?

When you are buying couple rings, it is important for you to make this decision as a couple. This means finding the time when both of you are free to browse through designs and pick your favourites. This sounds easier than it is. After all, by the time most couples reach the shops, the shutters are down. Thankfully, with BlueStone you can find a number of trendy gold engagement couple band rings online. From simple, classic designs like the Purette Ring for Her to the Dual Sonata Ring for Her with two-tone gold, there is something for everyone here. You can also choose our home-trial option which gives you the flexibility to try on rings before you make the purchase.

So, have you found your favourite amongst our new designs in gold engagement couple band rings? If yes, place the order today!

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