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Mark Your Nuptials with 18k Mangalsutra Designs

To say that the Mangalsutra is an important part of the Hindu wedding ceremony would be an understatement. This traditional trinket is the mark of a married woman and while some women stick to conventional mangalsutra designs, many modern wives are exploring contemporary renditions of this significant piece of traditional jewellery. At BlueStone, we present a collection of 18k mangalsutra designs that are handcrafted with a contemporary approach. From floral designs to knotted motifs and abstract patterns, these mangalsutras cannot go unnoticed. Often studded with diamonds, this collection elevates the conventional design while retaining the solemnity and innate symbolism of the mangalsutra.

Why buy 18k mangalsutra designs from BlueStone?

The answer to this question lies in the very simple fact that for many women, mangalsutras are part of their everyday jewellery. Like any other jewellery you wear every day, these markers of marital status should also be durable yet without compromising on the style quotient. This is where gold with 18 caratage comes to your aid. While gold in its purest form is 24k, it is unsuitable for making everyday jewellery. Hence, jewellers often combine other metals with pure gold to create alloys of lesser caratage.

A mangalsutra made of 18k gold contains 18 parts of gold while other metals such as zinc, copper, nickel, etc. constitute the remaining 6 parts. Not only is this caratage a fine balance between durability and purity but it also gives designers the more freedom to incorporate heavy stone work. Take, for instance, the Stuti Mangalsutra and the Tammara Mangalsutra, each studded with more than a hundred diamonds. Such designs with heavy stonework and intricate patterns are nearly impossible to create in high caratage gold. That having said, 18k gold is equally suitable for crafting simple designs like the Harsha Mangalsutra.

For Pure, Perfect Golden Blossoms, Buy 18k Mangalsutra Online

Flowers never go out of vogue; nor do the floral mangalsutras we offer. Inspired by the timeless floral theme, this collection of mangalsutras depicts eye-catchy designs without taking away their ethnic, traditional essence. Contemporary in every sense, the central design of the Wonderous Vow Mangalsutra gives you two-tone flowers strung on a beautifully designed gold vine arrangement. The Parijat Mangalsutra is a more ornate piece with a double string of gold embellished with diamond-studded flowers and studs. If what you’re looking for is a fashionable piece, you’ll find it in the Avanti Mangalsutra with a twisting loop that ends in a sparkling, diamond encrusted flower.

If you would rather have something that makes a statement, the Madhurima Mangalsutra is ideal. It has a striking arrangement of gold rings with a central flower, studded with diamonds. Those looking for unconventional, trendy, whimsical designs can opt for the Fragrant Tulip Mangalsutra or the Celestial Tulip Mangalsutra. These designs made of rose gold are trendy enough to keep your bling quotient soaring high.

The Golden Knots: Buy 18k Mangalsutra Designs that Embody the Symbolism

For designs that perfectly capture the symbolism of wedding, take a look at the Upahar Mangalsutra and the Suchika Mangalsutra. Both depict golden lines joined in a simple, flowing knot. Their concise designs speak volumes and represent the solemnity of the occasion. The Pavi Mangalsutra is an eloquent design that twists and loops with elegance. At the very centre is a diamond-studded flower that glimmers endlessly. The Akruti Mangalsutra is equally pleasing to the eye with three distinct gold loops forming the centrepiece. A bold string of diamonds runs through all three loops, signifying a constant, unifying bond. What better way of expressing the symbolism of the wedding knot than with these knotted patterns?

Go for the Abundance of Diamonds

When you buy 18k mangalsutras online from us, you can opt for pieces that are heavily studded with diamonds. Unlike simple everyday designs, these exquisite pieces are suitable for festive occasions. The Anokhi Mangalsutra, for instance, has the sparkle of 164 diamonds to its credit. The Renee Mangalsutra might be short of a couple of diamonds, but it doesn’t lack in its sparkle or radiance. The Medhavini Mangalsutra and the Ratna Mangalsutra each have more than a hundred diamonds studded on them, but they sparkle with the lustre of a thousand diamonds or more. The Mara Mangalsutra and the Damayanti Mangalsutra are other designs you can consider if you want the lavishness of diamonds to adorn your neck.

Ruby-studded Designs for the Women of Today: Buy 18k Mangalsutra Designs

Can anyone say no to the vivacity of a bright red ruby? Probably not! The ruby-studded mangalsutras in our collection, likewise, are hard to say no to. Intricately decorated, the Parineeta Mangalsutra features a single, tear-drop shaped ruby dangling from its centre. Carefully decorated with diamonds, this piece serves as the perfect embellishment to your big day. The Baharani Mangalsutra and the Dhana Mangalsutra also feature a tear-drop shaped ruby while the Amulya Mangalsutra and Utpala Mangalsutra have three round rubies each. If you prefer something more exquisite, go for the Geetanjali Mangalsutra with three marquise cut rubies.

These 18k mangalsutra designs are complement the excitement of weddings perfectly. With our 18k mangalsutra price remaining competitive, you no longer have to worry about your bank balance while choosing one that catches your eye. So take your time, sift through the variety of mangalsutras we have to offer and take your pick.

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