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18k Gold Mangalsutra

18k Gold Mangalsutra Designs: A Celebration of Marriage

Weddings and jewellery go hand in hand and no Hindu wedding ceremony is considered complete without the tying of the mangalsutra. It is a symbol of the bond between the husband and wife and an important marker of marital status for married women. Hence, no matter how many diamonds and gemstones a woman may own, the mangalsutra is always one of the most cherished pieces of jewellery in her entire collection. For the modern Hindu women who want to sport stylish mangalsutras that remain true to the essence of this tradition, we at BlueStone bring a fabulous range of 18k gold mangalsutra designs.

Why should you buy 18k gold mangalsutra designs?

The mangalsutra is something you are likely to wear every day and all through your married life. So it is in your best interests to buy a design that excels in beauty, purity, durability. Tough choice, isn’t it? This is where mangalsutras made of 18k gold come to your rescue. The yellow metal in its purest form is 24k or 24 carat. However, 24k gold is way too soft to make durable pieces of jewellery, so it is often mixed with other metals. A mangalsutra made of 18k gold consists of 18 parts of gold while the remaining 6 parts are comprised of metals such as zinc, nickel, copper, and the likes. The presence of additional metals makes 18k gold harder and more durable than its 24k and 22k counterparts. When compared to 14k or 10k gold, it is purer too. Thus, 18k gold offers you a fine balance between durability and purity.

That’s not all. This caratage of gold is widely favoured by jewellers as it allows them to experiment with designs – from minimalist to intricate - and stone embellishments. Take a look at BlueStone’s 18k gold mangalsutra designs studded with diamonds and gemstones. You see the point, don’t you? The pendants and the stones used in them play an important role in determining 18k gold mangalsutra prices.

Buy 18k Gold Mangalsutra Designs to Match Your Style

A mangalsutra can be described as a single or double gold chain with black beads woven into it and dressed up with a gold pendant. While the chain type and length may vary, the pendant is where a woman can showcase her personality and taste in fine jewellery. For example, when you adorn your neck with the Harsha Mangalsutra or the Mayur Mangalsutra, you are declaring your love for minimalist patterns. With Ashmi Tanamaniya Mangalsutra and the Damayanti Mangalsutra, you can choose to reflect a more vivacious personality.

One look at the Kiara Mangalsutra or Prema Mangalsutra on your neck and anyone can tell that you are a true lover of diamonds. Similarly, the Samyuktha Mangalsutra and Shraddha Mangalsutra reflect your preference for ethnic style while the Vanmayi Mangalsutra and the Eshnika Mangalsutra complement a more contemporary style. From minimalist to ornate and from traditional to contemporary, we have got you covered with designs that suit your style and preference.

Buy 18k Gold Mangalsutra Online for Everyday Use

Not so long ago, most married women wore one mangalsutra all through their life and they rarely took it off their neck. But that tradition has changed. Today, many women own two or more mangalsutras, one to be worn as everyday jewellery and another– a more ornate one - for special occasions.

Mangalsutra designs for everyday use are kept simple and the precious stones in them are also kept to a minimum. Adding a few, small diamonds to a simple mangalsutra adds a sparkle to it without making the piece too heavy for everyday wear. The Aadhaya Mangalsutra and the Jyotsana Mangalsutra are fine examples of simple everyday pieces. Other everyday designs in our 18k gold mangalsutra collection include the Jayashri Mangalsutra, Rathna Mangalsutra and Chandrima Mangalsutra.

Go Dazzling with Diamonds or Get Colourful with Gemstones

When you pick out your favourite saree for an anniversary dinner or festive celebration, your mangalsutra needs to be as special. Designs like the Pushplata Mangalsutra, Shravanthi Mangalsutra, and the Aahana Mangalsutra are designed just for occasions like these. Diamond-studded mangalsutras can be classic or contemporary by design. The Vinaya Mangalsutra is a favourite amongst classic mangalsutra designs while the Kanishka Mangalsutra is perfect for a woman who likes a modern, elegant style.

Rubies speak of love, passion, prosperity and they look extremely stylish too. This makes them just the right gemstone for mangalsutras. Designs such as the Dhana Mangalsutra or the Parineeta Mangalsutra are perfect for women who love the colour red. Our range of ruby mangalsutra designs vary in pattern, cut, and the number of rubies and diamonds studded on them. 

Inspired by Nature: 18k Gold Mangalsutra Designs in the Floral Theme

For most women, flowers are a close second to jewellery. So why not buy 18k gold mangalsutra designs inspired by flowers? Our favourites like the Devika Mangalsutra and the Avanti Mangalsutra are as pretty as dew-kissed flowers themselves. If you’re looking for something more ornate, opt for the Madhurima Mangalsutra or the Parijat Mangalsutra.

Buying a mangalsutra is one of the first things a couple does together. At BlueStone, you can browse through our collection to find the design that fits your specifications. Whether you like something slender like the Manjusha Mangalsutra or an elaborate design like the Stuti Tanamaniya Mangalsutra, we’ve got something for everyone’s budget and design preferences. Whatever be the design you choose, an 18k gold mangalsutra from the BlueStone collection is sure to make heads turn wherever you go.

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