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Wear Butterfly Ring Designs and Flutter like a Butterfly

The flora and fauna of the natural world always served as a great source of inspiration to creative minds. Jewellery designers are no exception to this and from time to time, they incorporated animal motifs into the ornaments they designed. Such motifs often had a symbolic value and at times, their aesthetic appeal outweighed the symbolism. From the Scarab Beetle pendants of the Egyptian pharaohs to the peacock-themed jewellery of South India, there is no end to how jewellery makers made creative use of the bugs and birds they saw around them. One such motif that fascinates both makers and wearers is the butterfly and some of the butterfly ring designs you find today are excellent pieces of craftsmanship, not to mention the symbolic value they possess.

The butterfly design symbolism: From life to death and many things in between

As with many other symbols, the butterfly meant different things in different cultures and there was a time it carried a morbid connotation as it represented the soul of the dead. But as time passed, people started associating the butterfly with life, growth, transition, and grace, among many other things. Those who are familiar with Greek mythology would remember that Psyche, the Goddess of the Soul, is often depicted with butterfly wings. Many Asian cultures saw this tiny creature as representing long life and for the Chinese, two butterflies symbolised love. With the advent of Christianity, butterflies started representing the soul.

The evolution of butterfly jewellery designs

Given the wide range of meanings it conveyed, it is no surprise that people used the butterfly motif to lend a symbolic air to the jewellery they made and wore. A Hellenistic necklace of the 2nd century BC is the oldest known ornament crafted using this motif. In Europe, butterfly-shaped brooches were in vogue during the Victorian period and the Art Nouveau period took this trend a step further by adding butterflies and flowers into different types of ornaments. The shape of the butterfly is quite conducive to creative and expressive designs and jewellers started using this symbol in every form imaginable. Today, golden or stone-studded butterflies flutter across a wide range of ornaments including rings, pendants, and necklaces.

Buy butterfly ring designs and take home a piece of craftsmanship

Butterfly ring designs crafted in gold or white gold and studded with diamonds are a favourite with customers who want something whimsical in their jewellery collection. Today, you can buy butterfly rings online from reputed online jewellery stores like BlueStone and you will be amazed to see the beauty and craftsmanship of those pieces. A single butterfly with stone-studded sparkly wings set at the centre of the band is the commonest pattern you can find in butterfly ring designs. At BlueStone we have the Perho Ring made of white gold and it features a butterfly with diamond-studded wings.

Rings with two or more butterflies etched on either side of a central gemstone and patterns that use different sized butterflies are also popular these days. For those who are looking for dual butterfly rings, we have our Regina Butterfly Ring which has a small stone-studded butterfly overlaid on a larger golden butterfly. The Roshal Ring also features a golden butterfly, but one side of the wing is studded with diamonds while the other is designed in plain gold.

Wear butterfly ring designs for a reason

At BlueStone, we have kept our butterfly rings’ prices quite affordable so that you can celebrate your special moments by wearing a golden butterfly on your fingers. The commonest meaning associated with the butterfly is that of transformation, and rightly so. If you are celebrating a major phase of transition in your life, what can better capture your special moment than a beautifully designed butterfly ring? Such designs also make perfect gifting options, especially as tokens of affection and romantic love. That being said, you don’t always need any specific reason to buy a butterfly ring. Butterflies are pretty and they look prettier when etched on a ring. So just buy it!

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