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Earrings are versatile. They are everyday essentials and can transform into exquisite pieces with the right embellishments. At BlueStone we have conceived multiple innovative designs for this key jewellery in our 18k gold earrings range. We have a diverse collection for men, women, and kids each unlike the other.

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Gold does not need any introduction. It is a universally accepted legal tender and a very significant commercial instrument. The chemical name for Gold is Aurum. In Greek Aurum literally, means glow of sunshine. Gold is the only metal in this colour and hence a very noteworthy one at that. Apart from the shimmery shine looks, the operative specialty of gold comes from the fact that it can be pressed into any shape without breakage. The purity of gold is measured in Karats. While 22k gold is used for making plain gold jewellery, 18k gold is used for design heavy jewellery with diamonds and other precious or semi-precious stones. At BlueStone we have put 18k gold to good use with over 1200 designs in the earring collection.

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Say goodbye to the days when you had to walk into a jewellery shop and look at the unexciting designs that are showcased and settle down for the second best. Check out our spirited 18k gold collection and we have different earring patterns such as studs, danglers, chandeliers, and rings. We have a vast collection in the traditional patterns and you can expect the unexpected with our unique earring designs too.

Glow with gold: 18k gold earrings with stones

Not only is a diamond rare and unique, it is also the hardest known natural material. It is well suited for everyday wear as it is resistant to scratch. The Erilina Earrings is your comfort earrings for a work day and if you want to add some bling, then the oval shaped Imaginative Leaves Stud Earrings will do just right. Pick up the cute star-shaped Prima Earrings and the stud shape with suit your daughter too. A gold heart entwined with a diamond heart in the Hearts Together Earrings reinforces your belief that good things come in small packages. For an impressionable party wear jewellery, you can indulge in the Ramos Earrings that is studded with over 100 diamonds. The Sifrar and the Izar earrings with diamonds in our ring-shaped earrings collection are contemporary ways of wearing the age old hoops.

18k gold earrings: Go for colours

Apart from decorative diamonds - rubies, emeralds and pearls are also part of our 18k gold earrings collection. With The Aaral Stud Earrings highlighting the oval shaped emerald flanked by diamonds all around, your arrival will make heads turn. The stellate Govindini Earrings with ruby and the angular Neyara Earrings are a must buy for the ruby radical. Look at our tryst with blue topaz with the Princess Blossom Earrings and the Leaflet Bloom Earrings.

Drop earrings have been reinvented too! Look at the Ruma Front Back Earrings with pearls. We have kept our designs unique for the novel you. In a constantly evolving fashion world, we are proud to present the Earcuff Earrings that are unusual yet appealing. The Adriana Ear Cuffs is an interesting fusion of cuff earrings with the tried and tested peacock pattern. The fascinating Floweret and Jiya mismatch earrings are nothing like you have ever seen before. The mirrored image like a mismatch is aligned perfectly.

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At BlueStone we have assembled all your favourite earring designs with utmost care. Our 18k gold earrings’ prices are affordable and delivering quality products with superior value for your money is our objective. Our 18k gold earrings collection stays true to that.

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