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Butterfly Earrings

Mother Nature has been kind to us, and has given us an opportunity to live with so many beautiful creations! Right from the majestic mountain ranges to the endlessly flowing water bodies and from the beautiful birds to the lovely animals; we cannot imagine our world without these natural elements in it. And that’s the reason why ‘nature-inspired’ designs are in vogue.


You can find coral reef earrings, seashore inspired pendants, tree jewellery, cute animal earrings, and so on. But, the one inspiration that has caught every craftsman’s attention at BlueStone is the butterflies! The beauty of these small flying insects has mesmerised everyone since ages – one of the reasons behind those innumerable butterfly parks around the world.

Irony of Earrings

Earrings have a rich history, literally! In ancient times, Egyptians and Assyrians were known to wear earrings, so as to signify their riches. Similarly, Greek and Roman women used to wear earrings to show off their royalty. In Greece, earrings were considered to be ornaments of prostitutes, while in Rome, slaves used to wear earrings. That’s the ironical history of earrings. In one part of the world, earrings depict royalty while in the other part, they depict slavery!

In the 13th century, Catholic Church raised a ban on wearing earrings, as they believed that piercing would change the original form of human being, as created by the Almighty. During those times, only thieves and pirates used to wear earrings. In another part of the world, single mothers, whose husband were killed, used to make sure their sons would wear earrings in their left ear. Similarly, the only son of such single mothers used to wear earrings in their right ear.

Thank God for Nature

Phew! Our most favourite piece of jewellery has travelled through riches, slavery, prohibition, misery, and has finally reached us, hale and hearty! Thankfully, our craftsmen drew inspiration from all facets of life and redesigned these jewellery pieces. Today, earrings are a mandatory piece of jewellery that enhances the beauty of the wearer.

Our celebrities have also been in the forefront in showing their love for nature-inspired earrings. Amber Valletta, the House of Style actor, showcased Spring jewellery collection, by wearing a tree branch inspired earring. Heidi Klum, the German-American model, posed with beautiful butterfly earring designs at an award function.

Butterfly Earrings at BlueStone

With the advent of 20th century, the online shopping fever has been on an ever-increasing trend. There has been an increase in sales of products online as compared to the brand’s offline sales. This explains how addicted all of us are to online shopping. When it comes to jewellery shopping, we love variety! The more the designs, the merrier we will be!

At BlueStone, the online jewellery store, nature-inspired jewellery, and especially butterfly earrings, are seen in unique forms. If you wish to buy butterfly earrings online, then you must explore BlueStone’s online collection.

The Adriana Butterfly earrings are elegant drop earring design that is crafted using rose gold. The antique texture of the rose gold is beautifully clubbed with diamonds and pearls. Diamonds are used to create the body of the butterfly while the wings are designed with rose gold. However, the icing on the cake is the pearl drops attached towards the end of the earring. Wow, truly a heart-warming creation!

Another eye-catching creation is the Butterfly Onyx Earring set. The black ball-shaped earring design with diamond-shaped wings and gold body design is set on the front portion of the earring. The black ball at the back of the earring makes sure your earlobe appear full.

If pricing is what worries you, then you have landed at the right place. The butterfly earrings price at BlueStone is affordable to one and all.

At BlueStone, we ensure art meets jewellery in the unique ways possible.


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