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Spruce Up Your Weekends with Weekend Bangle Designs

What’s common to bangles and weekends? Two things, we say. Firstly, it is hard to say no to both. Secondly, you never seem to get enough of them. Married or single, working or stay-at-home, traditional or modern, every Indian woman loves her bangles; and her weekends. Bangles have a social significance as well. Most north Indian brides can be recognised by their chudas or red bangles. Similarly, a Bengali woman’s outfit would be incomplete without her shaka-pola. However, you don’t really need a reason to wear one of our weekend bangle designs. BlueStone’s collection of weekend bangles is crafted from gold, white gold, and rose gold and features a number of precious stones as well.

How to Match Your Weekend Bangle Designs to the Occasion

When choosing bangles, it is important to keep the occasion in mind. Designs like the Heirra Bangle or the Soyiah Bangle are ideal for wearing around the house when you play hostess to your guests during the weekend. If you’re looking for something a little more formal, you could take a look at the Alhyna Bangle or the Synced Affection Bangle. If you’re stepping out for a party this weekend, you could wear the Mila Bangle or the Netra Lattice Bangle to make a unique style statement. On the other hand, if you have a weekend date with your partner, the delicate rose gold Ivan Bangle or Jacey Bangle is what you should be wearing. With BlueStone offering an eclectic collection of weekend bangle designs, it’s not hard to find a piece that suits your weekend plans. 

Sparkle or Glow: What’s Your Weekend Bangle Design Style?

Every woman loves diamonds and rubies and emeralds, but that does not mean she does not appreciate the glitter of gold or the sophistication of white gold. Some of our bestselling designs in gold include the Careen Axis Bangle and the Natalie Bangle that celebrate intricate detailing on gold. If you have a thing for white gold, go for the Avizeh Bangle or Izar Bangle. These simple yet trendy designs are all you need to spruce up your weekends effortlessly.

When it comes to diamond bangles, the Mukunda Flexible Bangle and the Tanyata Bangle compete for women’s attention. The use of precious stones does play a large role in determining weekend bangles prices. However, do not simply assume that the more the stones the higher the price. Size is just as important a factor as the number of stones. For this reason, the Naija Flexible Bangle and the Unnati Flexible Bangle have hardly any price difference but one has double the number of stones as compared to the other.

Young or Old, There’s a Bangle for Everyone

You can buy weekend bangle designs for yourself, your daughter, your best friend, your mother or any woman in your family. While designs like the Jacey Bangle and the Janaya Bangle are ideal for young girls, simple bangles like the Ojasvi Flexible Bangle or the Kathlyn Oval Bangle would complement an older woman. Modern fashionistas are sure to take an instant liking to our fashion bangle collection that includes the Lynna Bangle and the Silas Cuff Bangle. For a young heart in love, what would be more suitable than the Ellington Bangle and the Cora Flexible Bangle, both featuring the heart shape in their design? However, all our bangles are available in a wide range of sizes to allow women of all ages to wear them.

While earrings have a standard size, bangles and rings come in a range of sizes. For your bangle to fit right, it should slide over the widest part of your wrist easily and yet not be loose enough to slip off. To measure your bangle size, wrap a strip of paper snugly around the widest part of your hand and mark the point at which the two ends meet. This gives you the circumference of your ideal bangle. You can now compare this circumference with a bangle size chart to get your bangle size.

Buy Weekend Bangles Online from BlueStone

The days of going from shop to shop to buy bangles are now long gone. Today, you can sit back in the comfort of your home and shop online for these beautiful pieces of jewellery. At BlueStone we have categorised our bangles by style, occasion, stones and designs to help you find the perfect bangle. You can even customise your jewellery based on the purity of gold and the cut of diamonds in designs like the Behrokh Bangle and the Iona Bangle. You could even ask to try on your favourite bangles at home before buying them. For example, if you can’t make up your mind between the Plush Aureate Bangle and the Chiselled Gilt Bangle, we could send them over to your house and you could pay for it only after you have tried them on. So what are you waiting for? Go pick your favourite weekend bangle designs now!

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