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Of Pink and Smoky Hues: Quartz Earring Designs to Glam up Your Look

You have indulged in diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires for long. Now you are searching for the next best way to celebrate your inimitable style, aren’t you? You are in safe hands! Just browse through the quartz earring designs featured on BlueStone, India’s leading online jeweller, and your search ends here. The beauty and creative appeal of these pieces will sweep you off your feet and you will fall right into the world of brilliant designs. Crafted in whimsical pink shades and unusual smoky hues, the earrings in our collection display a generous dose of craftsmanship.

What’s more? Many of these earrings are designed after the universal symbol of love – the heart shape. If you are looking for a pair of earrings to make the season of love a memorable one, now is the time to buy quartz earring designs from the fabulous collection handcrafted by our designers.

Quartz Earring Designs: Stones of Love to Celebrate Your Love

For the uninitiated, here is a brief history of quartz stones. Quartz stones have been in use as early as 7000BC in the ancient Mesopotamian civilisation. Egyptians believed that these stones had anti-ageing properties and their tombs contained masks made of rose quartz along with other precious metals and stones. In the Middle Ages, quartz stones were used as talismans for protection from negative energies. Quartz stones, also called as crystal stones, occur in a variety of colours of which rose quartz is the most sought-after hue. They are known as ‘the stones of love’ as the pastel pink colour has a heart-warming shade that represents the eternal love between two souls.

If rose quartz is the ‘stone of love’, what would you call heart-shaped rose quartz set in rose gold? Infinite love, indeed! We, at BlueStone, offer you over a dozen ways to express your feelings, and each one is better than the other. Buy quartz earrings online from BlueStone and seal it with a stud, throw in a twist with a pair of threaders, or take delight in a pair of ageless hoops. Whatever your style be, these heart-shaped quartz earrings designs are truly divine.

Stunning Studs: Buy Quartz Earring Designs Online

Head over heels in love? Then the Contessa Rose Quartz Earrings in our collection are your best bet. These earrings spell out love with three heart-shaped rose quartz stones set in 18kt rose gold. Whether you are buying this piece for yourself or for a loved one, you cannot go wrong with the dual charm of rose hues.

Cute and funky are the words that define the Amar Rose Quartz Mismatch Earrings. The very charm of these earrings is, you guessed it right, the asymmetry of the design. When you are attending a party or enjoying a fine dinner with your special one, they are sure to enhance your style quotient by leaps and bounds.

The Rosalie Heart Earrings are another wonderfully crafted design accented with sparkling diamonds. The beauty of the heart-shaped pattern, coupled with the whimsical charm of the butterfly motif, make this pair a must-have in every fashionista’s jewellery collection. The Ruth Heart Earrings are simple yet elegant and they feature three hearts – one in rose quartz, another in rose gold, and a third one set with diamonds. A true feast of hearts for the hearts in love!

Dancing Hearts Set in Quartz Earring Designs

While studs exude timeless charm, danglers offer you a broader canvas to portray your love for heart and art. Popular picks like the Alonza Rose Quartz Earrings and the Dona Rosa Quartz Earrings are stylish ways of wearing a piece of your heart on your ears.

With quartz earrings, our creative designers have proved once again that heart designs don’t have to follow the clichéd old school patterns. Go for bold and new age designs that are contemporary and classy. Feel the love in the air with our Cira Rose Quartz Earrings designed in a stunning Sui Dhaga pattern and they feature rose quartz stones and diamonds. The Betty Heart Earrings, another popular pick of our royal customers, make for a perfect gifting option too. If there is a reward for stealing people’s heart, the Angela Rose Quartz Earrings in our collection are sure to win it.

The ascending hearts in the Phoebe Heart Earrings are for the hearts that grow from strength to strength over the years. The curiously entangled Priyanka Heart Earrings are definitely for the hopeless romantics. Need we say more? Pick your quartz earrings online from BlueStone right from the convenience of your home.

Spice It up With the Smoky Quartz Earring Designs

While rose quartz has been used in jewellery making all along the historic lane, smoky quartz stones are recent additions to the jewellery fraternity. Combine these blackish-grey stones with gold and you get catchy designs that will double as conversation starters. The neutral shade makes smoky quartz earring designs versatile and you can pair them with any outfit you choose.

Rubena Drops Earrings feature smoky quartz stones that are smooth as silk and have a luxurious party feel to it. Set in 18kt gold in a cap setting, this pair of earrings is designed to dazzle. The Kecia Drop Earrings are long drops with brilliantly cut smoky quartz stones and tiny sparkling diamonds. If you are tired of reds, greens, pinks, and purples, these unusually attractive members in our collection up your spirits in a jiffy.

Finding quartz earring designs have never been this easy, right? And that’s not it – our highly affordable quartz earrings prices are sure to give you an additional impetus to grab your favourite piece today.

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