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The Big fat Indian wedding is a perfect display of lavish wedding stages, beautiful traditional attires and delicious food. Did we miss something here? Of course, we did! Indian weddings are incomplete without stunning jewellery sets.

Wedding Jewellery – The Head turner

While taking care of the wedding preparations, jewellery is given the least priority and that’s where most people make a mistake! Days are spent in looking for the right wedding dress that will enhance the bride’s beauty. Once you have the dress, all is not complete! The right wedding jewellery can make the difference between ‘an attractive bride’ and ‘just-another-bride’. The perfect wedding jewellery piece reflects your taste for style and class! Don’t let any jewellery piece spoil your style quotient.

Bank Balance Eater?

Let us get the cliché out of the room right away. It is not mandatory to buy jewellery that will eat away your bank balance. Maybe due to this wrong notion, people are scared to do a thorough research on the various jewellery pieces available. It is very much possible to get jewellery that fits your budget as well as compliments your dress and your style. With the advent of online shopping, one can buy wedding jewellery online in the comfort of their home.

Evergreen Jhumkas

Jhumkas are a must for any south Indian bride but the trend is catching up quickly with our other brides as well. A pair of vintage jhumkas with traditional designs defines style like no other. Detachable jhumkas are the new age trend. During occasions where the beautiful long jhumkas don’t fit your attire, you can simply detach the Jhumka and flaunt the stud part!

Ravishing Necklaces

Wedding necklaces are the most highlighted jewellery pieces in any wedding and you don’t want to get it wrong! Right from Choker necklace to Princess necklace and from Opera necklace to Lariat necklace, you need to choose the perfect piece. If you are wearing a traditional sari, you can club the choker necklace with long rope necklace. This way, you are neither overdoing it or under doing it!

Gorgeous Bangles

Any bridal outfit needs a perfect pair of bangles to uplift its spirits. A beautiful, delicate bracelet with minimalist design can perfectly complement a heavy wedding dress. Less is sometimes better else it will look real busy! You don’t want to look a bride filled with gems, do you? If you are choosing a rather traditional dress with less work and glitter, a pair of heavy bangles along with a kada can complement your attire perfectly. Brides usually tend to wear heavy bangles which can be a hindrance while performing all the wedding rituals. Choose wisely!

BlueStone’s Wedding Collection

With BlueStone, you don’t have to rush to physical stores and spend hours in choosing your jewellery. You can sit in the comfort of your home and explore various wedding jewellery designs. With exclusive collection and affordable prices, BlueStone’s wedding collection is your one-stop wedding jewellery destination.

The sunflower-inspired ‘Chandbalis’ are a must in every bride’s collection. Pair it up with your sangeet attire or at your mehndi ceremony with a neatly done bun, and you are ready for the ceremonies. Light weight jewellery at BlueStone can complement your cocktail outfit or your evening family sessions. Minimalistic yet classy, that’s what defines these light-weight jewellery pieces.

With the ‘try before you buy’ option, one can buy wedding jewellery designs without any doubt. You can wear the jewellery along with your wedding and check whether the two complement each other or not. After all, you don’t want to get it wrong, do you? 

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