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Wedding Couple Band Jewellery

Wedding Couple Band Jewellery: Matching Bands to Celebrate Your Bond

Weddings are the most awaited events in a couple’s life and later, they become the most cherished memories. In India, each community has its own wedding rituals and customs. For some, the ceremony lasts a few minutes while for some others it can take over an hour or a few hours. Yet again, there are communities where the wedding ceremony lasts for days. Some people get married under the moonlight while others say their vows in the morning. However, there are some things that are the same everywhere. In recent times, one such custom is the exchange of wedding rings.

Rings are a recent addition to Indian weddings while in the West, the custom was in existence for centuries. Today, the exchange of rings has gained a universal acceptance, irrespective of regions and religions and unsurprisingly, there is a wide variety of rings to choose from. Some couples go for solitaires while others add a dash of colour to their married life with gemstone wedding rings. From halo and trinity rings to love bands and eternity bands, the choices are many! The hottest trend among these is couple bands – matching bands for the bride and the groom. At BlueStone, we have an amazing collection of wedding couple band designs for the modern couple to choose from. Explore the collection and get ready for a dazzling shopping experience.

What Are Wedding bands?

Wedding bands, like any other jewellery, have a history, and very interesting at that! In ancient Egypt, the circle was believed to be a symbol of eternity. The space within this circle was thought of as a doorway to the future. A ring is also circular in shape and has a space within it. When a couple exchange wedding rings, they invite each other to go into the future with them and promise to stand by their side for eternity. Though such rings were made from natural materials in the ancient times, such as braided hemp or reeds, the history took an interesting turn with the introduction of precious metals. Today, you can find wedding bands made of gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. As this piece of jewellery has a lot of symbolic value associated with it, it is important to buy wedding couple band jewellery designs that the couple likes.

The Evolution of Wedding Bands

The custom of wearing a wedding band is over 5000 years old. A pair of clasped hands around the ring is one of the earliest motifs that characterised wedding bands. In the middle ages, Romans took to personalising their rings with images of the couple carved in the rings. As time went on, rings became simpler and posy rings with a short verse inscribed inside the ring became very popular. Between the 15th and 17th century, Gimmel rings became fashionable for newlywed couples. This ring consisted of two or more interlocking bands. Until the day of the wedding, the bride and groom both wore a band. During the ceremony, the groom gave his band to the bride and the ring was completed.

In the United States of America, men started wearing wedding bands only during the Second World War. When soldiers were sent overseas, they took to wearing a ring to symbolise their fidelity to their spouses back home. Today wedding couple band jewellery designs with a ‘his’ and ‘her’ variant are the most popular type of wedding bands. In such rings, the basic design stays the same for both rings.  A minor change is made to distinguish between the male and female variants. This could be in terms of the thickness of the band, the number of diamonds used, size of diamonds etc.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Couple Band Jewellery?

Each couple is unique and has a different love story. Thus, the same design does not work well for everyone. When you buy wedding couple band jewellery online, you must think about the to-be-wearer’s personality and style preferences. Ideally, a couple should select their rings together so that the bride and groom are equally satisfied with the design. There are many different types of wedding bands. Some are classic while others have a more modern edge. Some designs feature diamonds while others celebrate the purity of gold. The colour of gold also varies with each design. Here are a few categories for you to choose from:

Go Classic with Classic Wedding Bands

Traditionally, gold is the most preferred metal for wedding bands. Gold symbolises purity and strength. Thus, a gold wedding band also symbolises a marriage that is strong and pure. The Soulmate Ring for Him is one of our most popular classic designs. Made of 22kt gold, this ring features the classic band design with no patterns or stone embellishments. The variant for women in our wedding couple band jewellery collection is known as the Soulmate Ring for Her. These rings are ideal for couples who favour elegant yet understated jewellery. The simple design of this ring also complements all other types of jewellery.

Diamond Studded Wedding Bands for the Sparkling Couple

A number of trendy wedding couple band jewellery online feature diamonds which give these bands a sparkling charm. The most popular setting for diamonds in a wedding ring is the eternity setting. This can be described as a continuous band of diamonds that runs along the circumference of the ring. Today, most eternity rings feature diamonds only on the top half of the ring, making them more comfortable to wear. The Antoine Ring for Her and the Antoine Ring for Him are examples of wedding rings with a ‘half-eternity’ setting. Both rings feature the same number and size of diamonds but the male variant has a broader gold band around the diamonds.

How to Buy Wedding Couple Band Jewellery?

At BlueStone, we offer a number of new designs in wedding couple band jewellery. This ensures that no matter what your personal style may be, you can find the perfect ring here. At BlueStone you can also customise various aspects of your wedding bands. For example, though many designs may be pictured in gold, they can also be made in white gold. However, this is not possible with all designs. For example, the Divine Union Ring for Him features a rhodium plated segment with three sparkling diamonds. Thus, if this ring were to be made in white gold, it would lose its two-tone look. You can also customise the colour and clarity of diamonds being used and the gold karat value.

And the best part of shopping with us is our price range. Our wedding couple band jewellery price is so competitive that you won’t have to break your bank when you buy your wedding band. So, are you ready to pick your wedding bands?

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