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Wedding Couple Band Rings

Buy Wedding Couple Band Ring Designs that Will Drape You in Unspeakable Charm

A wedding without a wedding ring is a ridiculous imagination and an incomplete affair according to most prevalent customs. But since when did the wedding ring become such an integral part of the Indian marriage? The tradition of wedding rings actually originated among the Ancient Egyptians as early as 3000 B.C. From there, it moved on to become a tradition with the Romans from where it was gradually adopted by the Christians as a part of their culture. It was after several centuries and a bit of a joy ride around the world later that the concept of wedding ring was welcomed into the Indian tradition.

But after all this time, the symbolism of the wedding ring has remained just the same as it was in the beginning. The Egyptian wedding ring was a sign of infinity; it was the memorandum of a time without beginning. There was a deep vow of love, life and togetherness embedded in the first ever wedding ring. Once betrothed by the dint of this mesmeric ring, the couple was supposed to sow and reap together through eternity. And while a lot of things have altered in their symbolism but the connotation of the wedding ring has stayed almost the same over time.

Buy Wedding Couple Band Ring Designs that Eternalise Your Nuptial Bliss

Every person interprets love and marriage in their own way. But the way in which a person chooses to communicate their view is unique and personal. That’s where our wedding couple band ring designs come in.

Take the Soulmate Ring for Her as an example. This 22kt gold ring is just the thing you need to propel your steady, rock-solid relationship to the next step. Propose to the woman of your dreams with this subtle and sombre ring to tell her that you mean business and you are ready for the dizzy, giddy rollercoaster ride that goes by the name of marriage.

Profess your undying love to your sweetheart with the Antoine Ring for Her. This 18kt gold ring is studded with an array of diamonds that give it its inevitable dazzle. Confessing love is one of the most difficult things you’d have to do. While words may fail you anytime, this ring will do its job alright. It will benevolently plead your case with your woman till she finally says yes to you.

Nothing strengthens a man more than the undivided attention and unconditional love of his woman. So girl, get psyched, this is your chance to show him that you will cross any bridge just to be with him. Let the Divine Union Ring for Him do the talking for nothing else would have a better way with words, we assure you. 

All of the above rings come in a pair, one for him and one for her. Let your wedding band bind you to one another with undeniable strength and invincible force. May the two of you, so seamlessly entwined with the power of these wedding couple bands, withstand all the seasons and terrains of matrimony together and grow stronger with each twist in the tale.

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