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Five Stone Earrings: Because there is Nothing Called too Many Gemstones

Have you ever heard a jewellery-loving woman say that she has jewellery with too many stones? Most likely not, because there’s never too many gemstones! In fact, the more stones the better. To satiate your love of gemstones, we have handpicked a variety of gorgeous five stone earring designs. Whether you want to buy one for yourself or as a gift for someone, you will love the earrings in our selection. Even with five sparkling stones studded on them, they don’t look blingy, but they do exude oodles of subtle sophistication that will liven up your look no matter what you pair them with. Browse our collection for beautiful earrings for women, pretty pieces for kids, and handsome studs for men.

Dazzle with Stone Earrings Set in Glossy Gold

The combination of gemstones and gold is a match made in heaven. There are countless possibilities of designing jewellery with gold. Both white and gold pair well with the either white or colourful stones, including topaz, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies amongst many others. We use this versatile combination of high purity gold or white gold and shimmering stones to design unique pieces of jewellery. However, the number of stones doesn’t spike up the prices of our jewellery. We offer competitive five stone earrings price to let you indulge in your love of jewellery without worrying about your budget.

Five Stone Earring Designs that will Spoil You for Choice

When you want to buy five stone earring designs that suit your taste and preferences, all you have to do is browse our collection. The dainty hoops, the lovely drops, and the playful studs in our assortment of earrings will make you want to buy them all. You can choose from earrings that have five diamonds studded on them or look for the combination of diamonds and other precious gemstones. The five-stone earrings for women and kids and the five-stone studs for men are all embodiments of excellent craftsmanship as they feature five sparkling stones without going overboard on bling. They are designed in such a way that you can wear them every day, as office wear, and also on special occasions. You’ll definitely find something that pairs perfectly with your wardrobe.

Charming Earrings for Women, Men, and Kids

Amongst the women’s earrings in our collection are the stunning Vokante Earrings made of 18kt white gold. They feature a unique palindrome design studded with five shimmering diamonds in a vertical column. Another stunning beauty made of 18kt white gold is the pair of Twisting Tango Earrings. They are as playful as they are sophisticated with their twisting double twig design studded with five diamonds. The Flana Earrings combine sophistication and playfulness in their amoeboid design. They look cheerful with their diamond studded 18kt gold design.

The Disha Earrings and the Agnes Earrings will cast a warm sunny yellow glow on your face with their 18kt gold silhouette encrusted with the brightest diamonds. If you want a pair of gorgeous hoops studded with five diamonds, take a look at the Sifrar Earrings. They are an epitome of classy simplicity. Amongst men’s studs, the Cadeau Earring has no competition when it comes to exuding classic glamour. It features a smooth, rounded silhouette made of 18kt gold and a strip of five tiny diamonds studded on it.

If you feel round studs are passé and want a different design, go for a rectangular stud, such as the Morde Earring or the Suserrer Earring, each of which is studded with five diamonds on an 18kt gold base. The choice of five-stone earrings for kids is as exquisite as that for women and men. The Elsa Frost Earrings are a pretty pair of studs for little “Frozen” fans. Shaped to resemble a snowflake, the intricate design of these earrings is crafted from 18kt white gold and studded with a blue topaz with mesmerising clarity in the centre and four diamonds around it. The arrangement of the five stones on white gold will take you to a world of snowy adventure. Buy five stone earrings online at BlueStone to get the best jewellery for yourself and your loved ones.

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