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Everyday Earring Designs: Must-Have Accessories in Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Earrings are accessories that no woman can do without. They are a necessity in the world of women’s fashion. It’s safe to say that they are also an important part of male jewellery, especially the stud earrings designed especially for fashionable men. No matter what you wear, your look is complete only when you match your attire with a pair of earrings. But not all earrings are designed for everyday wear. While we also have gorgeous danglers for all your special occasions, our everyday earrings collection is created keeping your daily dressing needs in mind. Browse our assortment of the best everyday earrings to pick the ones you would want for your wardrobe.

Add a Finishing Touch to Your Look with Our Everyday Earrings Collection

To prove that earrings add that final touch to your overall look, here’s an experiment you can carry out. Dress up in your best clothes, any genre of fashion, wear the loveliest footwear you have, and put on your regular makeup, if you have a makeup routine that is. Put on all the accessories you want except earrings, don’t wear any. Leave your ear piercing empty. Then go out to meet your friends or people who matter. You can be sure that they’ll point out that something’s missing or is incomplete, even if they don’t point out the absence of earrings! Try it and you’ll know what an important part earrings play in completing your overall look.

At BlueStone, we’ve got you covered with a splendid collection of everyday earring designs. From little stud earrings to hoops in a variety of shapes and sizes, we have it all. You can also buy everyday earring designs from our collection based on your choice of the colour of gold. You’ll find pieces made of gold, white gold, rose gold, and often a mix of all the three colours. Are you particular about the purity of gold used to make the earrings? We’ve got that sorted too as our everyday earrings collection includes pieces made of different gold purities. Irrespective of their design, all our pieces come with an attractive everyday earrings price tag. Check them out now and buy all you want before they find a home on someone else’s ears!

Keep It Simple with Studs Available in All Shapes and Sizes

Among our collection of earrings that make the best everyday essentials are studs. Your earring collection is incomplete without studs — one pair or two, or 15, that’s totally up to you! The Trois Earring is one among our favourite studs, to be fair they are all our favourites! These stud earrings are unique little golden offerings made of 18k gold featuring a triangular silhouette with each of the three sides coloured in one of the three shades of gold – yellow, white, and rose. It features a tiny central diamond that adds a little sparkle to this stunning pair. The Amathea Earrings are pearly beauties studded with flawlessly smooth white pearls on an 18kt gold base. If you are a lover of simple stud designs, our everyday earrings collection has just the right pieces for you. The Voia Earrings, the Stryna Earrings and the Airell Earrings are some of the other designs y9ou could consider.

Drops That Redefine Elegance: Buy Everyday Earrings Online at BlueStone

Are you looking for something a little more elaborate than a simple stud, yet suitable to sport with your everyday outfits? Well, you will find answers in our drops earrings collection. The Padmalakshmi Earrings are divine beauties crafted from 22kt gold. They feature a lotus silhouette each on the upper and the lower portion of the earrings. While the upper lotus is a solid piece of gold, the lower portion features a hollow outline of an inverted lotus in full bloom. The Squared in Appeal Earrings are another pair from our enchanting everyday earrings collection that will take your breath away with their simple charm. These earrings are also made of high purity 22kt gold and feature a stunning geometric square-in-square design.

White gold ornaments are becoming increasingly popular as everyday jewellery options. If you are looking for a pair of drops made of white gold, the Aira Earrings, and the Enchanted Love Earrings are your best options. Those who have a thing for two tone pieces can go for trendy everyday earrings like the Kritika Earrings and the Dhanishta Earrings.

Trendy Everyday Earrings That You Need in Your Jewellery Trousseau

You can be a proud owner of some of the best everyday earrings. All you have to do is browse our extensive collection to shortlist the ones you love. The Safyra Earrings will add a hint of colour to your look with the pretty pink sapphires and the central deep purple amethyst studded on an 18kt gold base. There’s hardly anything more quirky yet fashionable than wearing a trendy everyday earring shaped like a naughty cat. Although the Cute Meow Earrings are designed for kids, women of all ages can wear these little 18k gold wonders studded with two white diamonds.

Our lust-worthy everyday earrings collection also features hoops and more. The Sifrar Earrings and the Ihaan Earrings are similar yet different in design. Although both of them are diamond-studded hoops, the shape of the gemstones or the shape that they form collectively makes the world of difference in their overall looks. If you want everyday earrings with precious gemstones other than diamonds, you’ll be spoilt for choice with what we have in store for you. The Sweet Memory Earrings are made of 18kt white gold and studded with a pink tourmaline and a contrasting white pearl. The Solar Plexus Chakra Earrings are specially crafted from 18kt gold and studded with a citrine to balance your chakra. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. For more gorgeous and new designs in everyday earrings collection, browse our exclusive collection now.

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