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Everyday Mangalsutra Designs: Eternal Bond as Everyday Wear

Is a mangalsutra just an auspicious thread? Indian women will not agree to that. A mangalsutra is a solemn and everlasting promise to a committed relationship and a sentiment that words cannot explain. While a bride in a wedding ceremony is decked with jewellery, a mangalsutra is the most significant of all. Wedding mangalsutra patterns are different across various regions. There can be a simple yellow thread that has pendants attached to it symbolising religious beliefs, a gold necklace with a betel shaped leaf, or black beads that have pendants made of diamonds and gold. These days with more women choosing to wear everyday mangalsutra that can be paired with western and traditional wear, at BlueStone we have a matchless range that has been lined up for you.

The black beads in the mangalsutra are said to keep any negative energy at bay and bestow positivity upon the couple. The everyday mangalsutra designs consist of a variety of pendants in gold as well as ones that are studded with diamonds.

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If you are looking for simple hoop patterns then go for the popular Anandi Mangalsutra that has round golden beads with three diamonds. Sarika Mangalsutra has three interlinked diamond pendants that are oval faced. Contemporary designs like the Harsha Mangalsutra and Chandrima Mangalsutra are in geometric patterns and can be worn along with western wear too.

When the ever-changing fashion meets the everlasting mangalsutra, eternal designs are born. You can go for interesting mangalsutra patterns in yellow and white gold or add a dash of sparkle if you fancy diamonds. The Varini Mangalsutra is in gold and has an asymmetric pattern with danglers while the Ranya Mangalsutra has a sleek and delicate curved motif.

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In Hindu mythology, the star Arundathi is symbolic of everlasting commitment and loyalty. May the stars shine on you with their heavenly radiance and blessing - the Jyotsana Mangalsutra has a diamond pentagon set amongst white and gold lines. For a marriage that is written in the stars, the Artham Mangalsutra will be your eternal companion.

There is no greater mark of love than the symbol of the heart. With these contemporary heart-shaped mangalsutra designs, enliven your marriage journey every day. The Jayashri Mangalsutra has a single heart that is studded with diamonds looped in gold. The Anamitra Mangalsutra has a heart-shaped design in diamonds passionately locked in a golden heart.

Traditionally a mangalsutra is a gift from the groom to the bride in Indian culture. Gifts from our everyday mangalsutra collection that comes in a price range that is light on your pocket will be the perfect choice for every occasion. Yes, our everyday mangalsutra prices are unbelievably affordable. The Abharan Mangalsutra is definitely a jewel of a gift for your soul mate. The Juvela Mangalsutra is another attractive pendant in this collection that comes with seventeen diamonds arranged aesthetically on a gold.

The Swarna Collection features everyday mangalsutras that are in solid gold. Gold is considered a noble metal as it truly is eternal and pure. For a bond as special as yours, may these mangalsutras set in gold add everlasting beauty and charm. Blooms and blossoms come alive in our dainty Pratiti Mangalsutra design while the Kavya Mangalsutra has golden beads dancing in unison.

Celebrate with these diamonds dancing alongside in the Amolika Mangalsutra and seek divine grace with the Devamani Mangalsutra. The Amla Mangalsutra comes with diamonds held in a cluster of golden hoops.

With BlueStone as your trusted shopping partner make these mangalsutras of peace and harmony yours today. Winning her heart every day is simple when you have these everyday mangalsutra designs.

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