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Men's Gold Bangles

Men's Gold Bangles: Rare Designs Created Exclusively for You

Why should only women have all the fun when it comes to jewellery? At BlueStone, we cater to men as much as we serve women in terms of creating exquisite jewellery that’s worth showing off. And it is as a part of our initiative to create jewellery for men that we offer you our exclusive collection of men’s gold bangle designs. Our designs are loved equally by jewellery lovers and the pickiest of men who are hard to please. Whether you want a BlueStone men’s bangle for yourself or as a gift for a special occasion, we have a wide array of designs that will exceed your expectations. If seeing is believing, you have to browse our collection now!

Men’s history with bangles goes a long way back

It’s not only the twenty first century man who loves decorating his wrists; legend has it that men have a history with bangles. Well, maybe not exactly bangles as we know them now, but in many of their allied forms, nonetheless. There is much evidence all through history that men used to wear bangles or bracelets for many centuries, in India and worldwide. Men in India wore what we commonly call “kada” not only as a sign of vitality and strength but also to ward off evil. Wealthy men and kings in the bygone epoch wore bracelets and bangles to display status and power. Nowadays, men’s bangles and bracelets have more to do with religious beliefs if not to make a fashion statement.

While we’re talking about men’s bangles, the kada of the Sikh religion needs a special mention. It is one of the five Ks that hold a great significance to Sikhism — the other ones are Kesh (hair), Kanga (comb), Kaccha (white underwear), and Kirpan (ceremonial dagger). These five Ks together show that Sikhs are dedicated and devoted to Guru Gobind Singh, a prophet of God. The kada links Sikhs to the Guru while symbolising eternity and reminding them that there’s no beginning or end to God. Isn’t this a great detail to know before you buy men's gold bangle designs at BlueStone?

Fashionable designs for men who like to make a statement

Accessorizing is one of the best ways to stand out in a crowd; men worldwide agree to this and have been embracing gold bangles designed especially for them. Gold bangles lend men a hint of style and liven up their overall look. While you’d want all of them for yourself, you can also buy men’s gold bangles online to gift them to any man in your family or amongst friends. Whether you’re looking for a Father’s day present or something for your brother’s birthday, BlueStone’s men’s gold bangles make for rather special gifts.

If you have a style or design in mind, you will definitely find that or something similar in our collection. For the uninitiated, we have a wide range of designs that will spoil you for choice. Take for example our Vardhan Kada, it makes a statement in its subtle simplicity. If you want something more regal, check out the Ayush Kada — crafted in 22kt gold featuring concentric ring designs. There’s a lot more to choose from. Take a pick to find what you love, and all that at a men's gold bangle price that you won’t find anywhere else!

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