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Gold Heart Pendant Designs: Something You Don’t Ever Need to Take Off

Everyday jewellery needs to be light and beautiful. While you cannot wear a heavy diamond choker as you complete your chores around the house, a sleek gold chain with a delicate gold pendant is just right. Speaking of pendants, have you checked the gold heart pendant designs offered by BlueStone? If not, do it right away. Not only do they abound in beauty and variety, but they also are perfect accessories to make a statement or two about love. What’s more? Hearts being the universal symbol of love, these pendants can be worn by men and women of all ages. 

Gold Hearts Pendant Designs: Hearts for Everyone

A heart is the most commonly used symbol to represent love. It isn’t surprising then that many men buy gold hearts pendant designs as a gift for their partners. When choosing a gift like a pendant for a woman, it is important not only to choose a beautiful design but to also choose a design that matches her personality. The modest Sweetheart Pendant or Love Melody Pendant is ideal for a woman who likes simple designs while the stylised Twisted Heart Pendant or the Lovers Heart Pendant is better suited to a modern fashionista. Similarly, the Amadio Pendant or the Love Recital Pendant is an ideal gift for a woman who is a romantic at heart while the Amora Pendant is ideal for a nature lover. While a young girl may like the French Heart Pendant, a college going girl may prefer the Heart Yonder Pendant and an elderly woman may like the Eternal Love Pendant.

Some women like atypical jewellery. They may like the symbolism of a heart but not want to wear a pendant in the traditional heart shape. Understanding this, our designers have created gold heart pendants that play with the word love. Can’t picture it? Take a close look at the Hearty Love Pendant and the Loving Heart Pendant. Both these designs spell out the word love in the shape of a heart.

Buy Gold Hearts Pendants Online and Celebrate Your Love for Mom

Romantic love between couples is not the only kind of love represented by a heart. A heart can also symbolise the unique bond between mother and child. The Motherly Love Pendant is a pendant any mother would love to receive from her children. You could also gift your mother the Quest of Love Openable Pendant or the Season of Love Openable Pendant with a photograph of you and her in it. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until the Mother’s Day or your mother’s birthday to gift a truly special piece to her from our collection. With BlueStone running special deals and offers all through the year, you can make the purchase any day.

Need an Occasion to wear your Gold Heart Pendant Designs?

The beauty of a heart shaped pendant is that it can be worn for all sorts of occasions. If you’re looking for a delicate pendant to wear to the office every day, you could choose between the Love for You Pendant and the Guarded Love Pendant. While heading out to a Sunday brunch with your special someone, you could wear the Lovestruck Pendant or the New Bloom Love Pendant. For parties and royal galas, there’s the Aimee Pendant and the Amarela Pendant and those who prefer heavier pieces, there’s the Scintillating Bloom Pendant and the Dgeo Glam Heart Pendant. So really, no matter what the occasion may be, we’ve got it covered.

Gold Heart Pendants for Men and Kids

No, heart pendants are not just for women. Our designers have handcrafted exclusive pieces for men and kids too. Our pendants for men don’t have the explicit heart shape in their designs, but they incorporate the spirit of love in every creative way imaginable. Take, for instance, the Mikayla Pendant and the Gina Forever Yours Pendant. The former has the heart beats pattern inscribed in eye-catchy red colour while the latter features the words ‘forever yours’ on its cylindrical golden body.

You can now buy gold heart pendants online for your little princess too. The Truest Heart Pendant for Kids has a simple heart with a ruby studded in its centre. The Butterfly Banter Pendant for Kids, on the other hand, is a diamond-studded piece. The upper wings of the butterfly are shaped like two hearts and one of them is studded with diamonds. Trust us when we say your little one will love flaunting these pieces in her little social circle.

Gemstone-studded Gold Heart Pendants for the Love that Sparkles

When you buy gold heart pendant designs, they come embellished with different types of precious as well as semi-precious gemstones ranging from diamonds, rubies, and emeralds to amethyst, tanzanite and topaz. The Gaia Pendant is studded with four bright red rubies while the Philasa Pendant features a combination of tanzanite and diamonds. If you like diamonds though, take a look at the Amadis Pendant and the Amorette Pendant. The number and size of stones used in a pendant play an important role in determining gold hearts pendants price. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the stone or the more the numbers, the higher the price will be. If you really like a pendant but it’s just a little higher than your budget, try customising it and reducing the gold carat value to make it fit your budget. And even if it is still a little over your budget, once you wear the pendant around your neck, we’re sure you’ll be glad you bought it.

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