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Om Religious Pendants

Om Religious Pendants: A Symbol of Faith and a Mark of Style

Pendants are loved by men and women. The most common type of pendants worn by men is the religious pendant. Such pendants are worn not just to make a fashion statement but also to reaffirm a personal belief. For some men and women, these pendants are also a source of strength in rough times. At BlueStone, we understand how important such trinkets are for a religious person. That’s why we come up with a wide range of religious pendants to cater to the faith of different people. One of the hot-selling categories in this collection is our Om religious pendant designs.

Of Symbols and Motifs

So, what are the most defining features of our religious pendants? To begin with, these trinkets feature the most popular symbols associated with a religion. For instance, the holy cross is the prominent symbol we associate with Christianity. The crescent is associated with Islam and Khanda is used in Sikhism. Hinduism has multiple motifs such as the swastika, Krishna flute, trishool, Om, and the like.

All the pieces in this collection feature the Om symbol. Some of the pieces have it as the core design and some others feature it in combination with other symbols. Take, for instance, the Sadashiva Pendant. It features the symbol in 22kt gold. The design is simple, classy, and without any stone embellishments. Offering a stark contrast to this is our Lambodara Pendant. This 18kt gold pendant is a combination of two Hindu symbols – Om and the form of Ganesha. Our designers have creatively reimagined these symbols to create this diamond stunner.

What is the Significance of Om?

The Om may have two alphabets but it contains three syllables: Ah-Oh-Mm. This symbolises the sacred threes in Hinduism. This includes the three streams of our conscious, namely waking, dreaming, and without dreams. It also refers to the three Hindu Gods, namely Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Another common analysis refers to the three worlds - Earth, Heaven and the Underworld.

Many people also define the Om as the sound of the universe. According to the Upanishads, the word ‘Om’ is enduring and extends beyond time. Some of the new designs in Om religious pendants reiterate this belief. Take, for instance, the Thevan Pendant. The design combines the Om symbol with a circle that also denotes eternity. The Om symbol is also linked to Buddhism. It is believed that it refers to the third eye and can connect us to the Divine. That’s precisely why Om is the first part of many important Hindu and Buddhist mantras.

Om and Lord Ganesh

When you buy Om religious pendant designs, you can look for pieces that combine two or more symbols. The Om and the silhouette of Lord Ganesha are a very popular combination you can find in art and jewellery. The creative designers at BlueStone have come up with stunning Om pendants that also feature the trunk and curves of the Elephant God. This is clearly visible in the Avighna Pendant. The Om can also be a part of the Ganapati as seen in the Eshanputra Pendant. Designs like the Udgitha Pendant represent the face and trunk of Lord Ganesha.

Religious Pendants for Men and Women

Many designs from our Om religious pendant collection have a unisex appeal. This includes the Om Ganesha Pendant and the Divine Om Pendant. However, designs like the Adwaya Pendant and the Bhadra Om Pendant may appeal to men more than women. Similarly, the sharp angles of the Aum Pendant and the Tejas Pendant make them suitable for men. Floral designs may not seem so fetching on a man. The Vita Om Pendant and the Pushp Om Pendant are two popular choices of our female customers. These pendants have a more delicate silhouette as compared to the designs for men. But remember! Such gender tags shouldn’t stop you from buying your favourite trendy Om religious pendants online.

What’s So Special about Navaratna Om Designs?

In the world of jewellery, the term navaratna refers to nine gems. It is believed that these gemstones can harness the power of the planets and heavenly bodies. These gemstones include 5 precious stones and four semiprecious stones. The Aum Shakti Pendant is our favourite navaratna design in this collection. This gold pendant features the symbol Om which is studded with these nine stones. The Omkareshwar Pendant is another design you could consider.

How to Choose the Best Om Religious Pendant for You?

There are many factors to consider when you buy a pendant. One of the most important is the style preferences of the wearer. Do you like experimenting with bold designs? Go for the Trishala Om Pendant or the Kirti Om Pendant. Do you have a thing for classic designs? The Daffodil Om Pendant is just the right design for you. If you like designs with a modern edge, you may prefer the Devarya Pendant in white gold. There is no difference in quality between white and gold. They differ merely by the metals used to harden gold. Some of our designs are also crafted in rose gold. Take a look at our Omkara Pendant. Who can resist the appeal of its pink hues? The radiance of pearls and the sparkle of diamonds take its charm to a whole new level.

How to Buy Om Religious Pendants?

Today, you can easily buy Om religious pendants online. Designs in pure gold are typically crafted in 22kt gold and designs with gemstones use 18kt gold. Is the religious Om pendant price a little beyond our budget? You can lower the price by lowering the carat value to 14kt. You can also customise the colour and clarity of diamonds used on your pendant. This ensures that your pendant sparkles just the way you dreamt it would. This way, we make your shopping easy and budget-friendly. So, are you ready to find the pendant that belongs to you?


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