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Diamond Heart Pendants: Keep Them Close to Your Heart

What is the first symbol that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘love’? Nine out of ten, it is the heart symbol and unsurprisingly so. Of all the symbols ever used to denote love, it is the most popular and universally accepted one. That’s precisely why this motif keeps appearing in the jewellery industry too. A heart-shaped trinket is the best gift you can give someone whom you want to keep close to your heart. Are you looking for such a trinket? You will find the right one in BlueStone’s collection of diamond heart pendants. These pendants speak of love, passion and a deep emotional connection. Diamonds and hearts, isn’t that a winning combination when it comes to love?

How Did the Heart Become a Symbol of Love?

Ever wondered how did we start using the heart symbol? The symbol as we use it today has little to do with the shape of a human heart. The origins of this motif are hard to pin down. Some believe it is inspired by the shape of a fig leaf while others see a resemblance between the heart shape and a Silphium seed pod. According to another popular theory, the heart motif got its silhouette when artists tried drawing Aristotle’s description of the human heart. He described the heart as a three chambered unit with a dent in the middle. The heart symbol grew in popularity during the Renaissance period. Till today, it appears frequently in love notes and Valentine’s Day cards.

Types of Heart Motifs

The symbol of heart has evolved over the past few centuries. Through all this time, the simple heart as seen in the Deliah Pendant has always stayed popular. The Witch’s Heart became a popular variant of this motif in the Victorian ages. In this style, the bottom of the heart was curved to one side. It was believed that wearing this as an amulet could protect the wearer against the evil eye. The Galene Pendant and the Antonia Pendant take inspiration from this style.

When a heart is put together with a key, it conveys the meaning “You have the key to my heart”. The Paula Pendant and the Caryl Pendant are two of our bestselling heart and key pendants. Another popular theme is the entwined hearts or twin hearts. Rings and pendants with this motif were very popular in the 1800s as betrothal gifts. Even today, entwined heart pendants like the Luvina Pendant and the Amadio Pendant are popular symbols of everlasting love.

Love that Shines Everyday

Our diamond heart pendant collection has a number of designs that can be worn every day. For example, the Luchia Pendant and the Love Melody Pendant feature a small diamond-studded heart. Similarly, the New Bloom Love Pendant and the French Heart Pendant do not attract too much attention and can be worn at home or at work. The pendants act as a daily reminder of love and affection. A heart pendant can also take the form of a locket. For example, the Season of Love Openable Pendant can hold a photograph of your loved one. 

What is the Best Diamond Heart Pendant for Special Occasions?

Many of our new designs in diamond heart pendants are designed for women who enjoy being in the spotlight. For example, if you’re wearing the Roanne Pendant to a party, you should be ready for complements to flow like water. Similarly, the Scintillating Bloom Pendant is hard to look away from. These pendants are the perfect accessory for ethnic wear or western wear. Not all women like the characteristic curves of a heart. If you prefer edgy outfits and geometric styled jewellery, take a look at the Dgeo Glam Heart Pendant.

Have You Told Your Mother How Much You Love Her?

People buy diamond heart pendants not just for their partners. One of the most special women these pendants can be gifted to is a mother. The Motherly Love Pendant is ideal for a woman with minimalist tastes. On the other hand, the Mother’s Embrace Pendant is something a woman who appreciates the attention to detail will love. The Darling Mom Pendant is the perfect gift for a mother on Mother’s Day or for her birthday.

Find Trendy Diamond Heart Pendants Online

When it comes to fashion trends, BlueStone is always a front runner. If you’ve been following jewellery trends you would have noted the increasing popularity of rose gold. Rose gold is formed by alloying gold with copper. Some of our show-stopping heart pendants in rose gold include the Carwyn Pendant, the Amicia Pendant and the Adara Pendant. White gold jewellery is also very popular. Our range of heart pendants in white gold includes the Adil Heart Pendant and the Adored Togetherness Pendant. Asymmetric designs like the Nova Pendant and the Vera Pendant are also in vogue.

How to Buy Diamond Heart Pendants

Today, you can easily buy diamond heart pendants online. At BlueStone we offer a wide variety of designs varying by size, budget, gold colour and theme. Jewellery is meant to be an extension of your personality. Hence, our designers have also tried to capture different aspects of a woman’s personality in their designs. For example, the Amorette Pendant speaks of sleek, modern design sensibilities. On the other hand, the Calysta Pendant suits a woman who likes designs with intricate detailing. Some women like to keep their relationships personal and don’t like flaunting jewellery that talks of it. In such cases, the Code of Love Set Pendant is a beautiful design that can be worn in different ways depending on the situation. This design, as well as many others, can be custom made in white gold or gold. And trust us when we say our diamond heart pendants price will make your heart skip a beat. So, pick your favourite design and see a smile light up your loved one’s face.

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