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Floral Earring Designs: Let Thousand Flowers Bloom

When nature gives you flowers, why not make a pair of earrings out of it? Well, you needn’t take it literally and wear earrings made of fresh flowers which bloom today and wither tomorrow. Let the real flowers stay where they belong to because a pair of floral earrings is all you need to display the flower power in style. Earrings made in floral patterns were in vogue yesterday; their popularity hasn’t withered today and a thousand flowers will bloom on the ears of women in the years to come. If you are looking for a timeless piece to adorn your ears, floral earring designs are your best pick.

The ever-blooming history of floral earring designs

When the ancient woman wore her first floral earrings, they were literally that – earrings made with real flowers and leaves. The history of earrings shows that people have always taken inspiration from blooms and blossoms to make beautiful earrings in gold and other precious metals. The Georgian period saw the widespread emergence of floral motifs on earrings, rings, and neck ornaments and they continued in vogue through the Victorian period. Besides earrings and rings, floral brooches and ornaments made using the en tremblant technique were also popular in the eighteenth century. In the Art Nouveau period that followed, designers started giving floral and foliage earrings a stylised and whimsical appeal.

The ring tradition of Indian floral earring designs

When it comes to floral earrings and ornaments, India too has a rich history spanning across many dynasties and empires. The kundan, one of the oldest jewellery traditions of India, had elaborately designed floral earrings by the name karan phool meaning ‘ear flower’. Such flower-shaped earrings were big enough to cover the ears almost fully and they had strings of pearl to fasten the earrings onto the hair. Likewise, earrings in the shape of strung-together flowers known as gajras and pieces that resemble jasmine flowers were also quite popular in many regions of India. Any account of floral earrings is incomplete without a mention of the iconic Tutty Frutty design. It was developed by the famous European jeweller Cartier who took inspiration from South Indian floral motifs. Beautiful pieces of Tutty Frutty earrings made using colourful gemstones still retain their popularity

Buy floral earrings online from BlueStone’s gemstone collections

Today, those who fancy a pair of floral earrings need not search hard or for long. You can buy floral earring designs online and many leading online jewellers like BlueStone has exquisite collections of floral jewellery. Simple studs that feature a single central gemstone surrounded by golden petals were popular with our grandmothers and such designs are still in vogue. The Teasing Flora Earrings and the Timeless Rose Stud Earrings in our collection are for those who look for simple and single stone designs.

The beauty of floral studs with multiple gemstones knows no bounds and we have specially crafted pieces like the Gale Earrings and Karvi Earrings in gold. For those who want to combine the lustre of diamonds with the subtle beauty of white gold, we present the Atticus Earrings and the Floria Diamonds. Besides white and gold, BlueStone offers floral studs in rose gold and some of our signature pieces under this category include the Summer Rose Earrings and the Pink Poppy Earrings.

Traditionally Indian floral earring designs

At BlueStone, we constantly combine the beauty of tradition with novel fashion trends and that’s why we present to you floral earrings collections crafted in traditional Indian designs. Lovers of jhumkas can choose from our Aarohi Flower Jhumka or the Madhavi Detachable Jhumka. For weddings and other traditional occasions, we have beautifully handcrafted chand balis including the Naila Earrings and the Dilkash Earrings.

The floral theme looks breathtakingly beautiful on drops, hoops, and sui dhagas. Our ingenious designers have handcrafted floral earrings in every imaginable form and we present you some of the most coveted pieces like the Floralia Trail Earrings and the Kanishka Earrings.

The eternal beauty of golden flowers: Floral earrings in plain gold

Floral earring designs in gold without stone embellishments radiate a class of their own. BlueStone has a mesmerising range of plain gold studs, drops, hoops, and other patterns designed in the floral theme. In stud earrings, we offer the Frieda Earrings and Padmalakshmi Earrings for the lovers of yellow gleam. We have rhodium plated pieces like the Octo Petalon Earrings and the Jennifer Earrings for those who love to wear their plain gold earrings with a tinge of silvery white. In drops and hoops, the Halle Earrings, the Artistic Twirl Earrings, and the Helen Earrings are the favourite picks of our customers.

We make your dream of possessing the ‘flower power’ possible by keeping our floral earrings’ prices affordable. Also, we run great offers on a wide range of pieces to make your shopping experience a truly enjoyable one. Let there be flowers, in your gardens and on your ears!

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