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When it comes to fashion and jewellery, trends come and go. Some designs become very popular for a few months or years, but later they are discarded. Others stay popular forever. Those designs that stand the test of time are known as classics. This doesn’t mean that a classic trinket shuts down the possibility of design innovations. Even when the essence of a classic design stays the same, it may go through a number of variations. A fine proof of this can be found in BlueStone’s collection of classic pendant designs. Classic, classy, yet chic, these pendants will win your hearts forever.

Solitaire Pendants

Solitaires have always held a special place in a woman’s heart. These sparkling beauties are often mistaken to mean large gemstones. However, what it really refers to is a single gemstone set in a piece of jewellery. Here, the gemstone does not accentuate a design but it is the focal point. Diamonds are the most popular gemstone used for solitaire settings. The Yulia Pendant is a fine example of classic solitaire pendants. Though solitaires are a classic style, they may be crafted with a modern edge. The Chelsea Pendant and the Thyla Pendant are two such designs in our collection. A solitaire pendant is the best classic pendant to mark important events such as a sweet sixteen birthday, engagement or anniversary.

Cluster Pendants

Solitaires have nothing to do with size, but a big diamond definitely attracts more attention than a small diamond. However, big diamonds don’t come cheap. Do you wish to buy classic pendant designs that have the sparkle of big diamonds sans the heavy price tag? Take a look at our cluster pendant designs. This is literally a cluster of diamonds that look like a single large stone. The Serra Pendant and the Niam Pendant are designed in the classic cluster setting. They feature a single diamond in the centre encircles by several small diamonds. This type of cluster setting is also known as a halo setting. A halo setting can have a single halo as seen in these designs or multiple halos. The Circular Grace Pendant has a double halo while the Grappa Pendant has more than three halos. A halo setting is not always round as can be seen in the Noilly Pendant. Other examples of cluster pendants that are not round include the Dorry Pendant and the Carmelle Pendant.

Heart- shaped Pendants

Pendants are the perfect gift for a girlfriend or spouse. The heart is the universal symbol for love and hence when buying jewellery for a loved one, this is a common theme. The classic heart as seen in the Sweet Love Pendant and the Amarela Pendant has been a popular motif since the middle ages. A lop sided heart as seen in the Love Melody Pendant and the Adil Heart Pendant is known as a witch’s heart. It is believed to protect the wearer. The Gold Kiss Heart Pendant is a modern variation of this motif. Entwined hearts have a special meaning for loved ones. This symbolises love that will last an eternity. If you feel that way about someone, how about gifting them the Art of Love Pendant or the Milada Pendant. You could also gift your mother the Motherly Love Pendant from our classic pendant collection on her birthday.

Locket Pendants

Locket pendants first gained popularity in the Victorian era. Keeping a lock of hair or an image of a loved one in lockets was considered romantic. Such pendants were worn on long chains so that the pendant rested close to the wearer’s heart. For this reason, designs like the Quest of Love Openable Pendant are popular even today. If you like a little sparkle, take a look at our new designs in classic pendants like the Season of Love Openable Pendant.

Religious Pendants

One of the reasons men and women buy classic pendants online is to remind them of their faith. Religious pendants are personal reminders and sources of strength in difficult times. These pendants typically have unisex appeal and can be worn by people of all ages. Though many deities are worshipped in Hinduism, the Om symbol has a special significance among all Hindus. The Dvanda Pendant and the Om Swastik Pendant are two of our bestselling religious pendants featuring the Om symbol. Believers of Lord Ganesh may prefer the Sumukha Pendant while the Padmakshi Pendant may appeal to the devotees of Goddess Lakshmi. The Aron Cross Pendant and the Annot Cross Pendant are thoughtful gifts for a Christian. The Khanda Pendant and the Warrior Pendant are very popular amongst the Sikhs.

Classic Pendants for Men

It isn’t only women who buy classic pendants online. Many men also like to flaunt jewellery. One of the most common types of pendants designed for men is a religious pendant. A pendant is also a man’s way of showcasing his interests. For example, the Dashing Archduke Pendant may appeal to men who enjoy cricket. Men who like following fashion trends may like flaunting the Fashion Circuit Pendant or the Daring Hero Pendant. Our classic pendants price range is quite competitive, so you can buy your favourite designs without feeling guilty.

How to Buy Classic Pendants?

At BlueStone, we have a number of trendy classic pendants online. Our pendants are available in gold, white gold, and rose gold. These pieces are available in different purities such as 22k, 18k, and 14k. Pendants without gemstones are typically made in 22kt gold while those with gemstones are crafted in 18kt gold. To reduce the price of a particular piece, you can get the same design made in 14kt gold. We have a number of elegant everyday pendants like the Tribus Pendant. At the same time, we also offer dazzling party wear pendants like the Blenheim Pendant. At BlueStone, there is something for everyone; there is something for every occasion. So, browse through our designs and find the pendant that speaks to you.

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