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Cluster Pendants

Dazzle with the Mega Sparkle of Cluster Pendants

Many movie plots revolve around a lost brother or sister. And, in many cases, it is a pendant that brings the family together again. Can you imagine Princess Anastasia reuniting with her Grandmother without her pendant? Pendant and necklaces date back to 4000 BC. In the Stone Age, they were crafted from animal bones and rocks. As time moved forward, these were replaced by diamonds and other gem stones. Jewellery and fashion trends have always been inter-related. When fashion trends dictated high, frilly necklines, pendants became smaller. However, when the necklines were simplified, pendants grew ornate. Our cluster pendant collection has a number of designs to suit all types of outfits.

What Are Cluster Pendants?

As the name suggests, a cluster pendant setting can be described a diamonds or gemstones set in a cluster. This setting was originally used in rings, but later it was applied to a wide range of ornaments. Typically, cluster ornaments don’t feature a large, single stone or solitaire. Instead, they feature several small and equally sized diamonds which are set in such a way that it gives the impression of a large diamond. The Mokya Pendant is a fine example of this setting. However, some cluster pendants have a central gemstone as seen in the Ares Pendant.

Everyday Pendants

Women tend to divide their jewellery into two groups. Some pieces of jewellery are reserved for special occasions while other can be worn at any time. Some pendants like the Tribus Pendant are worn even when a woman is all by herself at home. The Mirian Pendant and the Brigit Pendant are ideal for office wear. These delicate pendants do not distract attention from your work but add a glow to your outfit. When you are meeting friends for a social gathering or dress up for a kitty party, a pendant is a must. Designs like the Rhea Pendant are ideal for such occasions.

Pendants for a Special Occasion

Some cluster pendants are designed using the halo setting. This involves a single stone in the centre that is encircled by other stones. The Serra Pendant and the Caren Pendant are popular pendants with a halo setting. This setting makes the group of diamonds look like a single large stone. Many of our cluster pendant designs are ideal for special occasions. These include the Chambord Pendant and the Sparkling Absolut Pendant. Our new designs in cluster pendants can be matched with different coloured outfits. The Supreme Stylite Pendant features a dazzling ruby that pairs well with a red outfit; you can team it up with an outfit of contrasting colours too. If blue dominates your wardrobe, you may like the Floral Harmony Pendant.

The Many Themes of Cluster Pendants

At BlueStone, we offer a wide variety of cluster pendants in different themes and patterns. Our popular floral designs like the Amber Pendant and the Caribou Pendant are inspired by nature. If you’re looking for a sleeker floral design, take a look at the Serelia Pendant and the Dorita Pendant. Not every woman likes floral jewellery. Some prefer a geometric style. The Fairyn Pendant and the Abhati Pendant are two such designs. Some women like designs that are both floral and geometric. In such cases, the Alexa Pendant may be the ideal designs. We also have a range of pendants that have an ethnic appeal. This includes the Lada Pendant and the Naaval Pendant.

Celebrate the Beauty of Gemstones with Navaratna Pendants

Navaratna is a Sanskrit word that means nine gems. A ruby is the centre stone of a navaratna setting. This is encircled by 8 stones. A diamond and blue sapphire are placed on the top and bottom of the ruby. To their right are a pearl, red coral, and hessonite stone. To their left are a cat’s eye, yellow sapphire, and emerald. Navaratna pendants look beautiful and have cultural value as well. This setting is believed to protect the wearer against bad luck and negative vibes. According to Vedic texts and astrology, each stone is related to a particular planet. It reflects the properties of this planet and can harness its energy. At BlueStone, some of our best cluster pendants feature the navaratna stones. They spruce up not just your life but your style quotient too. The Pushpanjali Pendant and the Ambar Kosh Pendant are two of our popular designs.

White Gold or Gold?

Our range of trendy cluster pendants online is available in white gold and gold. White gold and gold have the same quality terms. They differ in the metals used to harden gold. Gold is alloyed with copper and nickel. On the other hand, white gold is alloyed with zinc and palladium. Gold has a classic appeal as seen in the Saskia Pendant and the Alana Pendant. White gold is considered trendy and is creating a wave in the jewellery industry these days. Thus, pendants like the Angostura Pendant are must have for fashion conscious women. Many of our gold designs can be made in white gold and vice versa. For example, the Ibia Pendant can be made in white gold and the Flowery Panache Pendant can be made in gold.

How to Buy Cluster Pendants?

The answer is simple. Buy them online from the comfort of your home. At BlueStone, we offer a range of designs catering to varying budgets and style choices. Our cluster pendants are typically made in 18kt gold. However, you can also get the made in 14kt gold. This helps lower cluster pendants’ price without affecting the design. You can also customise a diamond’s colour and clarity. In some cities, we extend an offer to try on a few pieces before making your final selection. For example, maybe you like both the Rosemary Pendant and the Astarte Pendant. You could ask to try these on at home to see what looks better on you. Buying jewellery doesn’t get easier than this.

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