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Gold Floral Earrings: Where Beauty Weds Grace

Flowers and gold, what’s not to love? The eternal combination, that requires no USP, no celebrity endorsement and no tales of queens and princesses who adorned them in the times of yore. These gold floral earring designs lend a look that is breezy and yet classy. While history may claim floral jewellery to be the docile design for the obedient ‘feminine’ women, a look at some of our fiery designs will make you shift your entire thought chain. In our collection, you will find that almost each gold floral earring is unique to the person that you are and the statement you want to make. We at BlueStone believe that ultimately jewellery is a part of your persona and the reflection of the image you want to portray to the world.

Floral Earring Designs: A Dash of Sunshine in Your Collection

Is it a nightmare to coordinate your earrings to your clothes for every occasion? BlueStone is at your service. We have revived the classic Retro Age to give you the perfect ensemble for any occasion. Choose from designs that resonate with the glorious aura of the 50s- big, bold and three-dimensional gold floral earrings which take different hues of white and rose gold. The Naila Earrings, the Helen Earrings, and the Isla Earrings are true beauties of this category. Take it from the early Romans or the glitzy Retro Age– a pair of gold floral earrings is all you need. Or rather, you will ever need! A bit of bold and a lot of dazzle, if that spells who you are, then come right in and choose from a broad range of collection at our gold floral earrings.

Saving the Damsels in Distress: Festival Dilemma

Festivals can be a tricky business as no one wants to look too decked up and yet never too mundane. It’s a fine balance to tread on ladies! Keeping this dilemma in mind, Bluestone has spread a wide array of festive wear to help you be the centrepiece of attraction. And aren’t flowers supposed to be auspicious anyway! So grace your Diwali parties with the Suman Sundari Earrings - the diamond and ruby encased danglers that wrap one in a luminous glow of its own. Wondering which pair will stand out in the festival of colours? We have the answer! Thy should adorn thee with the Mirth Drop Earring, the Dali Earrings or the Vista Drop Earrings in the white gold collection with exquisite diamond floral patterns.

We keep in mind of the fact that festival celebrations may burn a hole in your pocket but the gold floral earrings price that we offer never will.

Workwear and Everyday Wear: Buy Gold Floral Earrings Online from BlueStone

The Ardeen Drop Earrings make up for a stunning work attire with the diamonds dangling set in 18kt gold. Wait, you crave rose gold, well we have the Coralee Hoop Earrings just for you! A beautiful diamond studded hoop with three gorgeous diamonds sitting firmly within the folds of a pink flower. The Romans are jealous now and so are your colleagues!

The versatility of the collection at BlueStone promises to add the freshness of flowers in your everyday life with collections like the Peacock Vivacity Earrings. Also designs like the Lambent Calypso, and the Modish Frond where the gold flows in smoothly through the mesh designs, adding sparkle and lightness to your daily wardrobe. Buy the gold floral earrings online from us right away for prices one can only dream of. For the fashionistas who swear by studs, we have the Ibia Earrings with blood red rubies and diamonds and the Cher Lattice Earrings with a classy gold and diamond mix. For all your wild party nights, try on the Gwyneth Earrings, a three loop 22kt gold danglers with flowers of silver enamel arranged artistically on each golden loop.

The Ooo Lala Earrings for the Dynamic You

For fans of Vidya Balan, BlueStone has an exquisite range of earrings that will surely bring out the oomph factor in you. The Peacock Onyx Earrings with shining ruby and black onyx magic in 18kt gold with diamonds to add the extra flare will make up the party’s talking point. The Exotic Lotus Earring is bound to set the night ablaze with its flower danglers in 18Kt rose gold encrusted with diamond centres. The prices for these vivacious designs can only be God-send, so order your pair right away.

For the VVIP Ladies: Kids’ Special

No, we haven’t forgotten the most important of them all. For the little blooming flowers of your life, we bring some very chic designs! The Night Owl Earrings for Kids, set in 22kt gold and placed in enamel encasing would make a ‘wise’ pair of studs for the studious little ones. The Blue Petal Earrings for Kids imbibe a vibrant blue floral frame, 18kt gold stud with a luminous diamond based centre. There are more to explore. Go ahead and take a look at our floral designs that are specially crafted for kids.

We at BlueStone want to leave ‘no stone unturned’ to provide you the best buy. So get onboard and let us know your desired designs and make the most of our home try-on offer to get a relaxed experience of trying on your favourite pair stress-free.

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