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Women's Emerald Rings

Women’s Emerald Ring Designs for Your Graceful Fingers

What do Jacqueline Kennedy, Cleopatra, and Shah Rukh Khan have in common? A distinctive emerald ring as part of their jewellery collection! Would you ever have guessed? One of the most valuable and expensive stones in the family of gems, this green beauty is also known for its calming and healing properties. The designers at BlueStone have studied, experimented, and brewed up a collection of women’s emerald ring designs that gives you something to suit your tastes. Mixed with other precious stones, set in a range of precious metals, and arranged in fresh, contemporary patterns, this collection will add a wow factor to your look.

Emeralds: Splendid When Alone, Spectacular In Company

That’s one of the defining characteristics of emeralds. They look stunning no matter how you set them, what metal you set them on, and which stones you pair them with. While they are enchanting in a setting with other stones, they are also strong enough to hold their own in a design of their own. Take, for instance, the Rangan Ring. This gold piece has only the verdant beauty of emeralds to boast of, yet they look as stunning as any multistone ring in our collection. Emeralds, when combined with diamonds as in the Gemma Ring, exude a charm few other combinations can match. Add the vivacity of rubies to this mix and you get mind-blowing pieces like the Ren Ring.

Yellow, white or rose, the glitter of gold is elegantly complemented by the shimmer of emeralds. A gold ring like the Akarshak Ring is a timeless classic favoured by women of all ages. If you prefer making a standout statement with your emerald ring, go for white gold pieces like the Rajeshwari Ring or the Rosebbush Ring. Fancy gracing your fingers with the romantic hues of pink? The Goldy Ring made of rose gold is your best bet. Do you need more reasons to buy women’s emerald ring designs?

Paint the Town Green

For special occasions, take a leaf out of Angelina Jolie’s book. At the 77th Oscars, she paired her black Elie Saab gown with a striking emerald ring and earrings that definitely got people talking. Whether you are wearing a designer gown or a stunning kanjeevaram saree, the Elyta Ring made of gold would make a brilliant accent. The large white pearl in the centre is encircled by a bold ring of lush green emeralds.  The Mystic Floriated Ring is another excellent option you can consider from our multistone collection. This gold ring features marquise cut rubies and emeralds set alternately around its diamond-studded centre to form a floral structure. The Blooming Circles Ring combines the brilliance of diamonds and the dazzle of emeralds, making it a favourite of fashionistas. Slip on any of these designs to take your outfit to the next level.

Romancing with Emeralds: Buy Women's Emerald Ring Designs

Often considered to be the colour that connotes eternity, the green of an emerald is said to renew itself, making it the perfect symbol for a long-lasting romance. In fact, Jacqueline Kennedy’s and Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald rings were engagement rings. For women who want to mark the beginning of their marital journey with the evergreen charm of emeralds, we present an engagement ring with contemporary styling – the Atlantis Ring. An oversized emerald-cut emerald forms the central stone of this white gold ring, which is surrounded by a rectangular halo of diamonds. The Lada Ring is another best-selling engagement ring from this collection. This gold piece celebrates the timeless combination of green and red – that is, emeralds and rubies.

If you prefer emeralds for anniversaries, thanks to their reputations as healers, they are a good way of saying you care. The Rohal Ring features an emerald-cut emerald stone flanked by diamonds on either side.  The Epitome Luxuriate Ring is an outstanding piece with a dazzling array of diamonds with a well-cut, deep green emerald at its centre. The Kalakriti Ring is equally powerful in terms of design, with the same combination of emeralds and diamonds. It features a larger emerald at the centre and smaller diamonds. These rings carry the timeless beauty of gold, the lush green charm of emeralds, and the eternal sparkle of diamonds – what more do you need to make your anniversaries memorable?

Buy Women's Emerald Rings Online and Go Green at Work

Combining luck and peace, the Bambu Ring and the Shino Rings are innovatively designed to emulate the Bamboo plant. Made from gold, the stem twists around to form the ring while its verdant green leaves are made from emeralds. This unique and eye-catchy piece of jewellery should be your pick for days when you want to feel special at work.

If you are looking to blend in rather than stand out at your workplace, the Flaura Trinity Ring is the best option. This delicate piece combines the warmth of a ruby with cool green emeralds. Set in gold, this design is concise and elegant for a professional setting. Another contemporary piece, the Wallis Ring and Pendant is a minimalist representation of an ornate peacock. Its clever design allows it to be worn as a ring and strung as a pendant on a chain. When you have this stunning piece in your collection, you can easily go from a working day to an evening out with a change of accessories.

At BlueStone we strive to give you a wholesome shopping experience by not just offering you the best in design but best emerald ring prices too. The affordably priced rings in our collection allow you to deck up your jewellery box without having to deplete your savings account.

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