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Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings

Sui Dhaga! The thinnest and most elegant form of long earrings designs is one of the perfect ways to break away from the conventional earrings. Gold sui dhaga earrings have been floating among women since decades. These gold sui dhaga earring designs are made of 18 kt gold, in order to make them thin and strong. If made in 24 kt or 22 kt it will not be strong enough to bear the weight, in short, will be fragile and easily breakable.

This type of earring is a favourite of many, especially those who have a long neck or who have multiple piercings. These earrings have a unique feature similar to suspension threaders. Distinctive interlocked ring formations are the key to making them have the flexibility. The patterns have interlocked 18 kt gold sui dhaga designs which play a vital role in its pricing. Smaller the loops higher are the prices, as they look more pacifying and class apart.

These earrings are very easy to identify as they are like fine chains hanging from the ear holes. Women who have multiple piercings adorn themselves with these fantasising sui dhaga earrings. They look classy and are mostly worn on special occasions with traditional outfits. However, it totally depends on the woman who carries it the right way. Some wear them to work on formals and flaunt their beautiful gold collection they purchased online. There are hundreds of patterns reasonably priced available at BlueStone, one of the renowned online jewellery shopping stores you must visit.

The Khushi Sui Dhaga Earrings

This is a jhumka earring pattern and mostly matches traditional outfits. With small diamonds, white pearls and ruby attached to this dangling earring it looks very artistic. This weighs 6.069 grams and is one of the alluring patterns every girl would want to have for herself. The height of this earring being 59.8 mm has a stylish yet conventional look.

The Tiya Sui Dhaga Earrings

This diamond studded earring in the floral pattern has its own innocent appeal. The diamonds embedded in this earring are 0.14 carat and the earring weighs only 5.43 grams. This 18 kt gold sui dhaga earring design is light and priced affordably for daily wear. There are few more beautiful varieties called the siya and pihu that you can look at before investing in one.

The Kamini Sui Dhaga Earrings

This is one of the most aesthetically designed earrings with beautiful diamond and pearl studs affixed to it. This 18 kt gold sui dhaga earrings price is extremely reasonable considering the intricate design on it. They are like small peacocks artistically hanging to your earlobes with elegance and have a glossy finish that makes it more precious. This is 6.814 grams with twenty diamonds of 0.160 carats each and eight 2 mm white pearls.

These designs are highly trending on BlueStone and are affordable. These gold sui dhaga earring designs have a class apart elegance, glossy finish that adds extra glamour and charm to the wearer’s personality. The designer appearance and lustrous shine will always keep you in the spotlight.

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